Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow of '09

March came in like a lion! We rarely see snow in SC but Sunday brought a wallop of a snow storm.
As you can see I had already put out some Spring decorations. LOL My poor Japanese Tulip tree had started to bloom already. This will probably set it back a few wks.

Hubby took a couple of the pics, then I took one of him. In those few seconds he was getting covered.
We got about 5 inches. In the 15 yrs. we have lived here we have not seen this much snow.

A view of our backyard and patio table. It has already been 75 degrees here so this was even more of shock to us.

My more Leeland Cypress trees were hanging over.

I'll start posting some Spring decor soon. We should be 70 again this Fri. Yeh!
See you then!


Heather said...

wow you did get a lot of snow! we got almost a foot on Monday! the most we've had all season!

ceekay said...

Well, you are supposed to be dream of a white Christmas...not a white Spring! warming?????

Susan said...

We heard about these unusual snow storms in the south.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Everything looks so pretty!

Ashleigh didn't get any snow in Florence.


Kathy said...

Those pics look familiar! I'm afraid we'll end up with a white Easter here! Since snow is a rarity for you, it was probably kind of exciting and I'm sure it will melt quickly. You will be enjoying lovely Spring days once again in no time - lucky you!

char72 said...

That is soooo beautiful. I love snow. Your house is gorgeous with the snow. OK. It's gorgeous with or without the snow.

Dawn said...

Amazing. We need some snow or rain so badly. We've had spring the last 3 days. It will probably blizzard on the 14th, when my sis and I are taking a plane trip to Kansas City to visit a friend.

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