Monday, February 27, 2012

I realized going through some of my picture files that I had never posted our trip to CA in Nov.

This is our daughter and family. Kris is the pastor of a church out there. Our granddaughters are such sweethearts. We miss all of them not being closer to us. I know some of you know that feeling.

We went straight from the airport to the girl's school. We were hoping to get there for a special assembly that day. Notice the shoe boxes in the kids hands. Olivia was all smiles with hers that day.

This is Emma. She was helping the younger kids to stack their boxes. They were all filled with goodies for under privileged children. The Samaritan 's Purse was going to distribute them.
Look at all those boxes they collected!
The girl's love their school!
More importantly, they love the Lord! They sang as a family on Sunday at church. Our daughter teaches voice and piano students. She has done a great job teaching the girls both of these.
We took a day to go to Newport Beach for a whale watch tour. When we arrived Olivia spotted this great looking bunch of firefighters and scurried right over and asked for a picture with them.
Neither of those girls are

We had a little tailgate lunch and headed to the dock.
The people on the tour ahead of us were not too happy. They didn't see a thing out in that huge ocean.
Hubby, Andrea & I were waiting to board.
Hubby told the captain he had to find dolphins, whales or something for Emma and Olivia to see that day. We were not having any luck either when the captain decided to go out further and show the girls these sea lions.
Then all of a sudden he spotted a pod of dolphins in the distance and headed over to them.
There were thousands playing in the waves. Popping in and out of the water putting on quite a show. The girls were delighted to say the least! So were we! lol
Sometimes we saw three at a time jumping together. No whales though!

We had Thanksgiving together and thanked the Lord for time together and his goodness to us!
On that trip we saw first hand the first episode of pain that Olivia had concerning her tumor. Although her parents rushed her to the doctor that day, they could find nothing and sent her home. Since that time she had several episodes that sent her to urgent care, the doctor's office and the ER. Two weeks ago they discovered the tumor and removed it with one of her ovaries.
I thank all of you who prayed for her.
She's had a bit of a relapse this past week. Her temp. started at 103.6 a few days ago and Sunday was up to 104. It continues to fluctuate. Today has only been 102. Doctors believe it is a viral infection.
She has been treated with antibiotics for the last 3 or 4 days. We are praying for better days. She's been through so much lately.
Tomorrow we should hear on the biopsy.

Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers for Olivia! Have a great week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on Olivia and A Messy Project

We are so excited that Olivia is now home and on the road to recovery! PTL
Thanks again for all your prayers on her behalf!

She's in her wheelchair getting ready to leave her room with assistance from a worker.

 Getting ready to enter the car.   She couldn't wait to get back home.

On another note......Here's the beginning of a mess, of sorts.

Can you guess what it is yet?

We've had several hail storms in the last two years and they damaged our roof.   It was time to replace it.
It was a beautiful day when they started on Wed.    Rain came on Thurs. so no work.

 Today is another blue sky day and they're baaaaaack....with all the pounding to go with it.   lol

They have another day or two before it's all completed but it will be worth it.

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?
Have a great weekend!     Till next time!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Love in the Kitchen

I set a table in the kitchen for Valentine's Day using white plates and polka dot dishes. I have a lot of red in my kitchen so this tablescape fits right in.

What would Valentine's Day be without hearts and chocolate!

Pretty heart napkins from HG.
Polka dot dishes are also from HG.
Beaded coasters from Ceekay in AZ.

I used this heart shape dish for my centerpiece.

I filled it with hand made paper Chinese fortune cookies.

I used a few different pieces of craft paper and put different sayings in them.

After I glued them I used paper clips to hold them together till they dried.

Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know you stopped so I can return the visit.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Sweet Olivia

Thanks to all of you for keeping Olivia in your prayers! It means so much to know others are praying with you in times of crisis.
Olivia went for a ride in a wheel chair yesterday. In the afternoon she had a little set back and was given morphine again for pain.
Late evening she ate some and took a few steps.

With the three hour time difference I have not gotten a further update this morning!

Our daughter Andrea and Olivia.
I was e-mailed the pictures of the tumor and it's unbelievable that it was inside this small child.
Teratoma is the Greek word for Monster tumor. They are usually benign. We haven't heard any further news from pathology dept.
Thanks again for all your prayers. As Psalm 46:1 says, God is our refuge and
strength, a very present help in trouble.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thanks to all of you sweet people who prayed for Olivia. The surgery went well and she is in a room. Still on morphine and resting.
The Teratoma tumor was quite large and had overtaken the ovary. Unfortunately, the ovary could not be saved. It had already twisted her fallopian tube but they were able to straighten it and save that.

We are so thankful for the surgeon's skill and the excellent care she is receiving at a children's hosp. in CA.
They are, of course, sending the tumor to be evaluated.

She is very weak, as she has been unable to keep anything down since last Wed.

We are praying for her strength to return and a full recovery.

Thank you all for praying!

I'll update again in a day or so!

Prayer Request

Hi Everyone!
I just returned from a visit with my 86 yr. old mother in FL. She is doing well.
On another note, last night on our return, we got a call that our 8 yr. old granddaughter was in the hospital! She is having surgery today 11 a.m. Eastern time.
They are removing a sizable Teratoma tumor on her ovary. She has been in much pain and on morphine.
Please pray for Olivia and the team of pediatric doctors that will be doing the surgery and that her ovary might be spared and the tumor benign.
Thanks so much for your prayers!

We know she is in the Lord's hands, the Great Physician!