Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've been busy with a couple of projects this week that have been on my to do list-- a while. The funny thing is I always have a list going. Hubby insulated the other side of our eaves on Tuesday. If you remember, I had done the one side a few weeks ago . He said he could handle it solo, so I left him to it and decided to sew.

I wanted to replace my table runner with a fabric that co-ordinated with my dining room drapes, as well as make a wider one.

Here's the old one.

I thought about putting another fabric on the back to make it reversible but decided not to. The light gold material was a trim used in my office and I will show you that project another day.
I used the plaid for the dining room. I have a lot of black in that room.

I use this room to sew, paint, exercise, etc.

Here's the finished product on the table. I hope this isn't too dark for you to see. You can enlarge by clicking on it.

I had enough material to make a narrow one for the buffet. This really brought more color into the room and brightened things up a lot.

This is a clearer pic that also shows the fringe on the end. I wanted the runner to hang over a little, in case I set a plate at the end of the table. I hated the tassel on the other runner because it interfered with setting a plate on it.

I also painted the knobs on the buffet draws black. It is an old dresser that gives me storage for silverware, place mats, table clothes and napkins for all holidays. It previously had white knobs and looked a bit too country. CeeKay said paint those things and I took her advice. Much better now.

How the buffet looked at Christmas.

Thanks for taking a peek. Have a happy weekend!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Today Susan at Between Naps On The Porch is hosting Tablescape Tuesday. Be sure to go visit all the beautifully set tables.

This is our kitchen table set for two with a Garden Fruit patten. I got these pieces at Ross Store.
I first saw the tea pot in AZ, while visiting CeeKay but didn't want to bring it back while flying.

When I returned home I checked Ross here and found other pieces, as well. I checked 4 Ross stores to get enough pieces for 4 people.

A better picture of the bowls.

I purchased this candle stick from Marshall's Home Goods. (Love that store)

The tea pot and cream and sugar.

I found a large pitcher for water, ice tea, etc.

This serving tray comes in handy for many things.

I just got these coasters. They are miniature chargers from the World Market store, I saw them at Miss Janice's blog.

I put little jewels around on the table for added decorations.
This next pic is a little dark.

I hope you're having a happy week. Thanks for visiting today!


My calendar is quickly filling up with out of town company calling and scheduling their visits. In the last two weeks I have penciled in 4 visits that will take me into May. As busy as life can be, I want to always make time for the most important visitors.
We had two of them recently, a couple of times, in fact. Our grandchildren.
Here is Jonas when he spent the night and we took him to his first visit to Chuck E Cheese. We had just arrived home and he was having a snack, sitting on my lap. He has eyelashes to die for.
He's two and still has that chubbiness about him.

A couple of days later Jonas and Ivy came for a short visit while mom went shopping. Papa took all of these pics.

She's 2 1/2 mos. already. Jonas calls her sweetie pie. He's been a good big brother without showing any signs of jealousy, so far.

I still have snowmen out and Papa propped Ivy up with one of them.

She's got the same big blue eyes, let's just hope she gets those eyelashes.

Have a happy healthy week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Went Treasure Hunting

Kelli at There is no place like home is hosting Show & Tell. Please stop over there and visit her wonderful blog.

I made a trip to FL at Christmas time to see my mother. She had a cedar chest that she recently inherited from her sister. I wanted to be sure to get some pics of things that were inside of it.

The first treasure I found was a Bible dated pre-Civil War. It is in very good shape, considering it's age. The print is very legible and readable.

This page has some one's own handwriting and is very clear.

This just shows that the print throughout the book is still readable.

This is another Bible that belonged to my Dad's mother. I could find no date anywhere in this Bible. It has family history it in and may have been given to her on her marriage.

This is one of the many quilts that my late grandmother made. My mother has two other ones made by her. Someday they will belong to me and my sister.

Thanks for taking a look at my show & tell. Have a happy week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tablescape Tuesday

Susan at Between Naps On The Porch is hosting Tablescape Tuesday. Please visit her site and see many other creative tables.

I've only participated in a couple table scapes, so far. Today I wanted to do one of our kitchen table with plates I purchased at an after Christmas sale (75% off) at A. C. Moore's. Just by chance, I spotted these and they were marked down to a $1.20. I thought they would go great with the colors in my house and were very pretty for the winter.

Thanks for taking a peek and I hope you're having a happy week!

I used a round green place mat with red chargers to set the dishes on. I found little black snack plates at Ross's that I used for coasters. The plates have little snowflakes so I thought I could keep them out for the winter.

I had napkin rings that had pine cones on them and decided to use them with black napkins to accent the black in the plates.

I used a snowflake plate from Cracker Barrel under the glass globe centerpiece with a black dinner plate, red charger, and place mat.

I already had real pine cones and dug them out and used as place cards.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've been Tagged

Charolotte at has tagged me.

Name five things in your purse:

1. glasses
2. keys
3. ink pen
4. driver's license
5. insurance cards

Name five things in your work room:

1. acrylic paints
2. oil paints
3. ironing board
4. iron
5. sewing machine

Name five things you've always wanted to do:

1. Go to Europe
2. Play the piano
3. Go to Australia
4. Go to the North West States
5. See the Holy Land

Name five things you're into:

1. My husband
2. My family
3. My friends
4. My church
5. Reading, painting, decorating, & exercising.

Name five bloggers to do the tag: Ladies you're it!

1. Ceekay @ Thinkin' of Home
2. Shannon @Bless Our Nest
3. Melissa @Heart and Home
4. Kathy @ Mimi's Garden
5. Katherine @Yellow Rose Arbor

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Still Winter

It's Show & Tell at Kelli's again.
The weeks are flying by, aren't they? January is more than half over.
I still consider it snowmen worthy decorating time, so I thought I would post what I left up after Christmas.
Here's a big gourd snowman.

A few on the mantle.
A cute personal mug I purchased at Old Time Pottery for .86 cents. (after Christmas sale)

I've had this little guy forever.

Snowmen hanging from the kitchen light fixture over the island.

A snowman plate with another snowman that is a salt and pepper shaker on the kitchen counter.

A snowflake plate with the new tea pot Katherine gave me.

Some snowmen plates and mugs with the cutest gold ribbon handle that is removable. Picked it up in a shop in MI.

A few snowmen that our grandson loves to play with and push their buttons to hear music.

A "couple" more in the Living Room.

I even hung a snowball in the kitchen window.

Last for not least, is the big guy on the frig. Made from construction paper and held up with magnets.

Thanks for stopping today and have a happy weekend.