Saturday, February 27, 2010


With the long spell of cold weather and snow that many of you have, I'm longing for Spring. How about you?
I started looking through my picture folders and found some beautiful pics of flowers that I took last year in Branson.
I've not posted the downtown of Branson before. It is unique and one of the prettiest down towns I've been to.
In the middle of town they have a tiered flower garden with steps that lead to the river. There you see fountains that shoot into the air. Every half hour or so flames shoot up in the air from gas pipes that are in the water with music playing. It's very cool! See no flames are shooting in the pic below.

The flowers are beautiful and so well kept.

There is a boat tour you can take. Not sure what it's like.

Hubby and I enjoying the shops, flowers, water, music and watching the flames.

Different fountains are in the middle of the town.

Doesn't the colors alone make you hungry for Spring!

They have so many shops in town. Major chains, as well as privately owned ones.
Notice the streets. You can't drive a car down them. They do have a trolley to take you back and forth from one end to the other if you don't want to leisurely stroll along.
The old street lights constantly change colors from pink, blue and yellow.

They even had a Bass Pro Shop at the end of town. Of course, Hubby pulled me inside that one. lol

One good deed deserves another- so I took him to an Auntie Ann's pretzel shop.
Yum! They are soooooo goooood!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Small Can Cars Go

Many Europeans are keen on their "Smart Car" — "the first European electric vehicles that are fully operational for everyday use." The concept is owned by the Germans and manufactured in France. To give you an idea of the size of the Smart Car, here's a picture of this energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle that our government will probably soon mandate that we all must use, much like the squiggly fluorescent light bulb.

They come in a variety of colors — here's a picture of a stack of them at a dealership

Though I had heard of Smart Cars, I recently was informed to the fact that they are highly customizable. Tuning kits available from Carlsson Products allow you to change rather significantly the look of your Smart Car. The kits include alloy wheels, an aluminum pedal set, a fog light, front spoiler, grill inlet, handbrake lever, rear skirt, sport rear silencer, and wiring harness.
Never satisfied with the status quo, though, others have come up with body kits that totally change the look of the Smart Car. Here's what they've come up with so far.

The Smamborghini!

The Smaudi A3 AWD!

The Smerrari!

The Smorsche!

The Smorsche Targa!

The Smorvette!

and last, but not least...
The Smustang!

I hope you are having a good Thursday!!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polka Dot Dishes

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from seeing my Mom and brother in the Sunshine State that didn't have much sunshine while we were there. lol We thought we would be a little warmer there---NOT!

I've never seen it that cold and rainy in the 27 yrs. my Mom has lived there.

We didn't go for the fun this time. My Mom had been sick and while we were there my brother went into the hospital. All is better now and we have returned home to the unusual cold in SC.

The other day was the first day, since keeping weather statistics, that 48 states had snow on the ground all on the same day. Yes, even Florida.

There was a good bit of snow in lower GA.

I didn't really have much to share for a post, so I thought I'd show you some cute polka dot dishes I found at HG.

I just found these white plates at K-Mart by Jaclyn Smith. The pattern is really cute on them.

I stuck a Geranium in the middle for the center piece.

While in FL I found this $1.99 bowl at T.J. Maxx.

A few more finds at HG. It's shaped like a heart.

The striped one was bundled with the polka dot one above. They're small but cute.

My stemware is from Old Time Pottery. I love that store, too.

After I took the above pics I changed the coasters to ones below. (I forgot I had them.) lol

They have polka dots and are monogrammed.

It's always good to be home but it brings us back to reality as well.

I have a few friends that need me this week as they go through surgeries. I'll try to get to visit all of you very soon.

My best friend and your fellow blogger Ceekay @Thinkin' of Home got some very distressing news today. She has an ongoing battle with Ovarian cancer and is going through some trying times. Please keep her in your prayers as she comes to mind, I know she will appreciate them.

I'll be around to see ya!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Old Typewriter

On my last post I mentioned I had cleaned the bookshelves in my office. I posted a pic of them and my friend Ceekay @ Thinkin' of Home nearly had a fit that my old typewriter was sitting on the top of them for no one to see. She informed me I needed to move it right away so I and others could view and enjoy it. lol

I did think she had a good idea and I moved it to an antique desk that sits at the top of the stairs between two guest bedrooms. I don't really know how old it is. I could not find a date on it. The ink cartridge is so dry of ink that it does not print anymore, so I typed a note on the computer and inserted it in the feeder. You can enlarge the pic, if you like.

A front view of the name Underwood.

A better pic of the note that I typed.

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Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter paid us a visit over the weekend and he must have liked the area because I hear he is planning a return visit this Friday and Saturday. lol
Our typical winter is about 5o degrees during the daytime and of course cooler at night. We are way below normal. We got hit with an ice storm over last weekend. Nothing moves in the deep south when that happens. lol We don't have a lot of salt trucks.
The roads are neither flat or straight here. Lots of curves and hills, which makes it near impossible to get up the slightest incline.
Here are a few pics of outside our house. Aren't the berries pretty in their rich red color?

We are prone to an occasional ice storm more so than snowstorms. When the ice comes, schools stores, churches, businesses all close. It usually melts in a day or two.

Only a dusting of snow came with this storm.

I guess my little snowman on the mailbox was asking for it. lol

Look at all my pansies under that ice. Never fear, they are the hardiest little flower you could ever have in this weather. They will perk right up, even after being encased in ice for a few days.

Hubby was worried about are little friends and spread some bird seed on the ground for them.

They had a hard time with the feeder being iced over.
We really enjoy watching them everyday. We are getting so many different kinds of birds lately.

It was a good time to hunker down, snuggle and read.
My Mom had given me this book at Thanksgiving and I had not taken the time to read it till now. It's a heart warming story.

After that I got in the cleaning mood again and took everything off the book shelves, cleaned, organized them by subjects and through away some old musty paperbacks.

That's what's happening in my neck of the woods. What have you been up to?