Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our daughter posted these pictures on her facebook after taking our grandchildren to a community event the other night. Hubby and I cracked up. We haven't seen them in person yet. Poor baby probably wondered, "Why do you have me in this get-up?" "I'll never learn to walk with this garb on!"

Jonas loves his trains and this fits right into the theme of things.

I don't think he's even wearing this for Halloween. I think he's going to be something quiet--like a mouse. We'll see.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Decorating Class

It was time to have the young women that are taking the W.I.S.E. Builders class over again.
It stands for Women 0f Integrity Strength & Efficiency. The have a class every Tuesday evening for 12 wks. on one of these subjects- --Finances, Nutrition, Cooking, Time Management, Housekeeping, Decorating, Relationship to Husband, Weight Management, Fashion, Hair Care, Facial Care & Positive Outlook. I have been doing the class on decorating.
Believe it or not, these young women tell us they have not been taught to do the basics in these areas. It's a great out reach for learning & fellowship.
I had a couple of tablescapes for them to look at and many pages of decorating tips, ideas, color swatches and hands on assignments.

I forgot to have someone take pictures this semester so I'll share the ones of the Spring session. There was a different group the other night. Each girl has a mentor to help her through the 12 wks.

Our pastor's wife is at all 12 sessions and does a great job co-ordinating and doing a devotional.
After the lesson they were off touring the house for ideas. Talk about pressure. lol

I made a pumpkin cobbler that was a big hit with everyone. Compliments to my daughter who gave me the recipe.

Served warm it is so yummy!

I had hot cider on the stove and two kinds of iced tea.

Pretty paper plates and napkins make clean up so much easier.

A few nuts to take away the sweet taste. (smile) It's a cycle for me. Sweet, salty, sweet, salty!

I gave the girls a little pumpkin with this little reminder printed on it.

Here's a close up pic.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit. Please let me know you were here so I can come visit you.
Well, it's off to get ready for company arriving tomorrow. Take care now!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So many things to post about and so little time. I have company arriving Tues. for a week. The next two months will be busy with the holidays and one event we are looking forward to the most is a visit from our daughter and family. They are church planting in Riverside, CA. We can't wait to hug them all. Our grand daughters are growing, maturing and doing so well in school. We can't wait to hear all that the Lord is doing in their lives. Emma will be 10 in a couple of months. She went to summer camp in the desert of CA this year.
Got her wish to ride a horse.
Olivia (6) is loosing teeth left and right.

This was their first day of school. They are home schooled and do great with it. They have a regular classroom with regular school desks.

They have teachers that teach them via the hard drive.

Emma loves school and reads constantly. She always has a book in her hands. When I was visiting I found her reading the LA Times a couple of mornings. lol

They are sweet, tenderhearted girls. Always ready to pray or do a kind deed for someone.
Emma carries a little notebook and writes down people's names at prayer meeting so she can pray for them. Isn't that sweet!

Olivia is 1st grade this year and reading well and doing cursive.

They just finished their 1st year in CA and are seeing some progress and growth at the church. It is slow going and they covet the prayers of believers on their behalf.
I hope you are having a beautiful Fall weekend like we're having in SC. Enjoy God's beauty!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Precious Moments

On our trip to Branson we took a day to travel to the Precious Moments Chapel that Sam Butcher created in 1989. It was so interesting to see his work and hear how he painted this chapel in record time.

The grounds were beautifully maintained.

This is the original 21 that he created for the Enesco company. Some of the characters were created in tribute to his own children.

This is the front of the chapel. They have a museum and gift store on the grounds as well.

The doors to the chapel were carved by Sam Butcher, himself, along with a 19 year old from the Philippines. The wood was shipped from that country. They are amazing to see.

This is a hall that runs along the side of chapel. Sam's sister-in-law made all the stain glass windows. Just beautifully done.

The inside of the chapel has many paintings of his. This large one is floor to ceiling.

The paintings on the side walls were done in seven (7) days. All of them-- if you can believe it. He is a man that requires little sleep and works long hours.

He painted the ceiling on scaffolds, sometimes on his back. He only slept a few hours a night to get it done in 3 1/2 mos.
He visits the chapel a few times a year. He now lives in the Philippines working with an orphanage.
We were happy we took the day to visit it.
Thanks for your visit today! I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I didn't think Fall could be as busy as Summer--but I was wrong! I've had company from MI this past week and it has kept me hopping. More company is coming on the 27th and I will have a house full for 16 days. Pray for me! (smile)

It has been fun but busy. We took another trip to Boone and Bowing Rock, NC to show my sister the mountains. While shopping in a little country drug store, my hubby spotted some LARGE pumpkins on display at the pharmacy counter. They were up on a high counter and were marked for display only. My hubs said to the pharmacist, "Would you be interested in selling those pumpkins?" My sister and I hurried away before they thought we were all illiterate.

We were in another part of the store when hubs comes over and says the pharmacist is calling the owner to see if he will sell the pumpkins. I said "You're kidding." The rest is history. Long story short--we walked out of there with the LARGE pumpkins. My sister bought half and we bought half. She sent hers home by UPS. You should have seen the look on the clerks face. (smile)

Well, with no more room in the car we headed home.

This was the entertainment center pre-pumpkins.

This is the top now. What do you think? Better???

A few Fall pics and cornucopia finish off the top.

Thanks for stopping and for all your sweet comments.

Enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doors of Welcome

Karen is hosting Doors of Welcome today.

Be sure to stop over and see all the beautiful homes and their Doors of Welcome.

If you are a follower of this blog you probably have already seen our home and front door. I hope you will bear with me.

This is a pic showing the entire front. We love to change the decor to fit the season. All pics should enlarge.The Fall is the longest season to have decorations up.

I painted the pumpkin face in front of the tree a few years back. He looks so jolly and friendly when you approach the house.

I love all the warm colors, pumpkins, gourds and mums.

Come on in and sit a spell.

We can sip some cider, munch on cookies and get to know each other better.

I got the metal pumpkins from Kirkland a couple of years ago.

Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Room Fall Decor

You are probably tired of looking at our Branson pictures, so I thought I'd give you a break and look at some Fall decor. Don't worry though, I have more pics to share with you. lol I'll wait a week or so before I finish the rest.

This is a pic of our family room from the cat walk above it. A wreath and pumpkins setting on the hearth of the fireplace.

Fall centerpieces, Fall picks, pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns adorn the mantle.

Sofa table behind the couch with a few Fall items.

A floral arrangement on an end table. Hubby got into the act again. lol

Another end table. This pumpkin opens up to fill with candy.

Our entertainment center has many vignettes on the shelves.

Here are some close up pics of the shelves.

This is a big gourd painted like a pumpkin. With so many different shapes of gourds, they can be painted into pumpkins, snowmen, or a Santa.

A cute little goose with a pumpkin on her head and veggies in her hands. Oops, I mean wings.

This Bombay chest sets in the foyer leading into the family room.

My Fall tree with lights, Fall picks and pumpkins.

I have enjoyed looking at so many of your Fall decorations. They are all so inspiring.

Thanks for your visit today!

I hope you enjoy the rest of it!