Monday, March 31, 2008

My Catch All Room

This is a room that I sew, paint, iron, exercise & do crafts in. It has a mixture of things I didn't really want to part with but didn't go with the decor of the rest of the house.
I used to have more country but a few years ago we went to the Old World feel.
We used to have an eight point buck mounted in there until it started to deteriorate (got old and scruffy looking). Needless to say that had to go. Hubby was very good about it I must say!
It's been fun to collect some of the things in that room.

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Kat said...

Love your ceiling and your blog! The detail on the ceiling is beautiful. This is a project I have wanted to undertake for my family room ceiling for years. We never seem to find the time anymore for big projects. Oh! My hubby is retiring very soon after all...hmmm. I'll post pictures of the new ceiling! Thanks for visiting Mimi's Garden today! Have a wonderful, blessed week! Kat