Thursday, May 19, 2011


Some of you have asked me for the recipe to a meal I served a month of so ago to friends!

This is the chicken dish on the left and garlic potatoes on the right!

The chicken dish is almost gourmet in taste. It has three different meats in it. So Yummy!...And so easy!

Party Chicken

8 chicken breasts (boneless)
1 can of mushroom soup
8 slices of uncooked bacon
1/2 pt. Sour cream
1 jar dried beef

Grease and 9x12 pan. Cover bottom with dried beef. Wrap chicken breasts with bacon. (you may need two slices per breast if they are large) Arrange on beef. Mix soup and sour cream. Pour over chicken. Bake uncovered at 275 for 3 hours.

Garlic Potatoes:

Wash and slice potatoes in 9x 13 pan
Shake on garlic salt to taste. (I use quite a bit)
Salt and pepper (I use kosher salt and grind the black pepper)
Cut up pats of butter and lay on top.

Cover with foil and bake 1 hr. at 450 or until tender. (I do a couple of layers of all the ngredients)

You can remove foil the last 10 min. or so if you would like a little crunch to them.

For dessert I served a Strawberry Rubarb pie.

Fresh Strawberries. 1 QT cut up.

Fresh Rubarb. I use a small amount so it won't be too tart.

Tapioca 3 TLBS

3/4 cup of Sugar

Mix all together in large bowl.

I shake in some cinnamon.

You will need two crusts.

After the top crust is on be sure to make some slits in the top to vent.

Make a little design if desired.

I always shake a little sugar and cinnamon on top.

Use a crust shield if you have one or small pieces of foil around the edges.

Bake at 400 for an hour or until golden brown.

Enjoy with family and friends!

I'm joining Michael Lee @ Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to those that asked for the recipe! I love hearing from all of you!


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Thank you for sharing the recipes-it is always a blessing to have new ones to try. Our lawn is now as green as yours due to the huge amount of rain we've had-ugg-I'm so ready for spring. I couldn't even get the majority of planting done last week because of the weather-hopefully spring or summer will arrive soon.
Have a wonderful day!

xinex said...

Oh wow! These all look so good. I am not sure about the moth balls against snakes but people have told me about them so I use them since they are cheap anyway. I haven't seen any snake so maybe it works...Christine

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I am SO making that chicken recipe!
My kids and husband will go crazy for it, I can already tell .... bacon, AND chicken? They'll be in heaven!
Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

I am lovin' the pie!!

Barbara F. said...

I am visiting from Foodie Friday and the photo of your pie pulled me right in! Pie perfection, you have obviously made pies by the dozen, no doubt! The chcken and potatoes look delish too. And your backyard is so beautiful. xo,

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Oh my goodness Ms.Rose I'm so glad you posted these recipes! I will definitely be trying both of them. They both look absolutely DIVINE!!! Thanks for sharing them. :)


Sweet Meanderings said...

Mmmmm! Delicious! I'm looking forward to trying them. Thanks for sharing your recipes!

Julie Harward said...

Your recipes look so yummy here...and this kind of is my very favorite! :D