Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Little This & A LIttle That

Summer is a busy time doing outside jobs, isn't it? We have needed to paint and freshen up a lot of yard ornaments and furniture outside.
We got our white rockers on the front porch painted at the beginning of the season and then got busy with grass and flowers. The other things got put on the back burner till now.

Hubby just took the runners on this rocker and sanded and repainted them.
We just cleaned this little fountain again the other day and finally got some drops to keep it fresh.Hubby sprayed this table and the stand underneath it.

He also did the stand for the gazing ball. It makes everything look so much brighter and fresh.

He sprayed the next couple of items, as well. Don't you just love spray paint!!

This fountain/birdbath was very grayish before. So glad he did it black. I took the two flowers indoors. I gave them a new coat and sprayed them with a clear protective coat outside.
They look so much better.

Another ornament that hubby got hold of.

Our deer had faded quite a bit over the years and we sprayed them brown all over. It was easier that way. I then had to go over the antlers, the ears, nose and hoofs by hand.

Oh, there they are. They found their way back to the flower beds.

We even found time to fit in a wedding. Have you ever been to one with 11 attendants????
Check out this photo.

What have you all been up to? I would love to hear from you.
Till next time--Have a great week!


Shelia said...

What a great painting hubby you have. Is his tiny pointer finger sore? :) Doesn't it feel good to get your outside ready for fall? Wow, 11 attendants! Don't believe I've ever seen that before. Seems you've had a great weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Eleven attendants, wow, what popular people to have that many friends in their wedding!

Ya'll sure have been busy working int the yard, great job!


ceekay said...

What have I been doing...restraining from throwing the laptop out the doorwall! But I am fine, really!!

Stacey said...

You all win the spray paint award this week! Isn't it fun when just a little effort has such a big payoff? I've been cooking alot! We've had company. :)

Heather said...

very cute things you have around the house! i don't think i've ever seen a wedding with that many people in it!

Dawn said...

It amazes me that some people have so many attendants! I did get a chance to watch a wedding in Brazil when I was there on a mission trip - there were at least that many attendants - it was amazing.

What a lot of upkeep you've been doing in your yard. We don't have things to paint, but my hubby has been working so hard on the yard during this entire 6-week "furlough" he's been on. 4 more days!

Happy@Home said...

Everything is looking good around your place. It must be a great feeling to be caught up on the to do list.

I have never been to a wedding with that many attendants, but I bet it was fabulous.

Miss Janice said...

I love the fountain sprayed black...hmmmmm, an idea for me!

Love Bears All Things said...

What a good idea. I think now that I need to paint my birdbath. And I have one of those things with the globe on top. It needs painting, also. However, it is just too hot to do it. I'll wait until Fall. I have an area beside the drive that I want to cover with mulch, and put in some stepping stones and a bench. In the Fall.
Gotta wait for cooler temperatures.
Mama Bear