Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoe Show

Feet, where would they be without shoes?

Baby shoes are usually our first pair of shoes. I have the ones that belonged to our two daughters.

These were my wedding shoes from 1970. That's a lot of years but I couldn't part with them.

I have so many pairs of shoes, when we move the movers chuckle at all the boxes. They probably think I a nut case or should I say "shoe case". They probably feel sorry for my hubby, thinking he doesn't get his fair share of the closet. They may be right.

I thought I would show only sandals today and to be honest.... this is not all of them. lol
(I get them when they are on clearance, though.) We have a Steinmart store near us and a few years ago my sister and I got several pair when they were 80% off.

I love those Impo sandals.

Here's where some of them live when not on my feet.

Or....some live up here. Notice all those pink sale and clearance stickers?

A big thanks to Nancy for hosting the Shoe Show today and to you for taking time to drop by!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


Nancy said...

OOOOH I love all your shoes, and the way you have them displayed for The Shoe Show is adorable!!! You really have some darling shoes!!! Thanks so much for coming to The Shoe Show! Nancy

Stacey said...

Nancy is right! You have some great shoes. You are a girl after my own heart with all thoe sandals. I'd live in them year round if I could. :)

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW!!! You have some of the cutest sandles ever! Love them all so much. ~Adorable in every way.

Martha said...

Nothing like shoes!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Ooh! Ooh! Ooooooh! I see quite a few pair I would like to "borrow"!!! You've made me realize I need to broaden my range of colors!

I have a Steinmart just minutes from me and they do have some cute shoes. However, I wear a common size so whenever I find something I like, they generally only have small or very large sizes left. :(

Kathy said...

Oh, I do love shoes! I should have gotten in on the Shoe Show! I love all of your beauties, Ro. Thank you for your comments this summer in Mimi's Garden - I plan to get back into blogging this August. I've missed it - and all of you! Great post, Ro!

Lisa said...

Oh I love all your sandals! Hmmm, what size do you wear?:)

Bill said...

What a fun post! You arranged the sandals very artfully for the photos ... nice work!

I'm running behind this week and just got around to seeing your latest tablescape! Great interpretation of the nautical theme ... all the blues were so peaceful and soothing!

Have a great weekend!


ceekay said...

Cute pics Ro....or should I call you Imelda? Someone should do a purse party...boy, I am guilty there!

Stephens said...

Unbelievable! Ha ha :-)

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

ooh, you have so many pretty shoes!
I think I have to get some more shoes!


Debbie said...

Such pretty shoes! I love all the sandals and flip-flops. Great display! Enjoyed visiting your shoe show!

Tee said...

Wow! So many great sandals! Love the green ones with the orange beads.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, you have several pairs of sandals that I would love to have! I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes taht wasn't on sale, and Steinmart always has some fabulous sales. You have obviously hit those sales and come out a winner! laurie

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You are lucky to be able to wear cute shoes, my feet hurt so much I have to wear comfortable shoes :-(


Nanna said...

wow! look at al those cute shoes! I never think have too amny untill I pull them out to do a show shoe LOL

Anonymous said...

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