Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I was just thinking of how many things I have not posted about and things that are in the near future to post about and wondering when to fit them all in.

I decided to slip this one in before I do Tablescape Thursday and The Shoe Show on Friday. I will do a follow up on this post next week sometime, so stay tuned.

We have a fairly new stadium in our town. It hosts the farm team for the Boston Red Sox. I encouraged my hubby to go downtown when we heard there would be tryouts and he made it.

The new field, a replica of Fenway Park. The Dugout

I know... you were thinking....he's a bit old for that team...and you would be right....but the tryouts were for singing the National Anthem. Had you fooled didn't I??
Here he is with a manager at the stadium ready to do a trial run the other day.

He's coming back from the field with mic in his hand and a feeling of relief that it all will go well tomorrow night, the 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

He loves God, family, America and baseball! It will be a fun evening!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow!!! Can you videotape it and put it on your blog? That would be awesome. And how do you stand there and listen to him sing without crying? Please let him know congratulations from us!!!

ceekay said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes! How exciting!!

Stephens said...

Praying it goes well! I wish I could be there to hear it.

The Barkers said...

Can't wait for tonight!