Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tupperware Party

It's been years since I gave or have been to a Tupperware party. I ran into a friend that is a rep. and she asked if I would help her out and I said yes.
A couple of wks. ago I had a few ladies over and we had a little party.

The rep wants you to keep it simple so it can easily be duplicated if you get a booking from your party. I had brownies, pound cake cut up to garnish with strawberries, a cheese ball with crackers, and chocolate candies.

I still had my snowmen out and used one for the center piece.

I should have had the lids off the glass wear for better viewing. Sorry.

I put the refreshments on the kitchen island so the rep could use the other counter for her display. (Hence, the empty counter below)

The brownies (always with nuts for our family)

The cheese ball had a vegetable flavor to it. (Very tasty)

The pound cake.

The drink area set up with the Keurig so they could get tea, hot chocolate, or flavored coffees.

Having the party was worth all the freebies that I got. Here's just a few.

These are the heat and serve containers.

I used some of my new modular mates to organize the pantry. They take up so much less room.

Look at those labels girls, they are all readable. I told hubby he was sleeping with the enemy. Yikes!

I've been busy on another sewing project that I'll post in a few days.

Have a great, safe, happy weekend!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

How beautiful the table looked! I love all the glass domes! I never thought to put cheese under one like that. And I love how organized your pantry looks! Very nice!!!

marty39 said...

Wow, I havn't been to a Tupperware party in years either. You did get some great storage containers. Your pantry looks fantastic. Great job of organizing. I also loved your sewing project with the table runner. I'm doing sewing projects also, they've been put off too long. Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments on my posts. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I use to enjoy going to these parties but I can't remember the last time I went to one. I still have tupperware that was given to me when I got married over 30 years ago. They have good products that last a long time. You did a great job organizing everything. Thanks for sharing.


tardevil said...

Wow, you got a lot of stuff! How cool is that? Your snacks looked good too!

Heather said...

all your food looks yummy! love all the freebies and your organizing looks great!

Spruce Creek Farm said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for visiting my blog.
It's been years since I've been to a Tupperware Party. I have some tupperware from the 70's. The colors from that era were avacodo green, harvest gold, and orange. But as old as they are, they still are in really good shape.

ceekay said...

Looks like you had a great party! Great storage containers. It has been years since I have been to a party.

Melissa Miller said...

What a neat party!

Tupperware sure has changed over the years.

It's all beautiful! :)

Kelli said...

Your table looks beautiful and I know everyone had a fun time!

Joy said...

I have that cake container or carrier and have used it often. Looks like a great party and the food looks yummy.

Celestina Marie said...

How fun. I have not been to a TW in uears either. You home is perfect to give a show like that and your table of ggodies very inviting. Now I am hungry.
Love the items you received and the organized pantry. I am so into that!!
Can't wait to see your sewing project. I already know it will be fabulous.

Thanks for stopping by always great to see you.
Have a nice weekend.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I didn't know they still had Tupperware parties, they sell it at the Daytona mall here. I really like Tupperward products, but have all the old things! Wish I had been there! I only like brownies with nuts too! Food looks good!


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, Ro, I haven't seen Tupperware in probably 25 years! But I LOVE it! What fun to have a party - and everything looked beautiful. Your snacks looked wonderful too.

Happy @ Home said...

Glad to hear the Tupperware party lives on. I haven't been to one in a long time, but I think they have nice products. I have the cake carrier that you show and it is the greatest when you have to transport a cake somewhere.

Your snowman table and the snacks you prepared looked fabulous. I am sure all who attended had a great time.

Lisa Ann said...

It looks like you got some great products. I love Tupperware!

Susan said...

Glad your party was a success. Boy, I've been to my share of those in my lifetime!!! Congratulations on the lovely, organized pantry.

Shannon said...

Fun!! All the food looked great! I absolutely love pound cake! :)

Dawn said...

I didn't know there were still Tupperware parties going on. I love their stuff, but all of mine is ancient. I've seen kiosks in the mall, but never have time to stop and peruse. Nice freebies!

Nancy said...

I always enjoy going to parties and I enjoy having them too. Your food looks so good! Oh, and that pantry..I love it..I remember that movie..I can never keep my pantry like that...someone is always fixing somehting and never putting stuff back into place. I am glad you had a great party and it looks like you must have done good! Nancy

Liz said...

You are so organized, wish I was! Your table looked so beautiful! I enjoy your blog...come check mine out! Liz

Anonymous said...

We had company for several days so I got behind with my visiting and commenting.
A Tupperware party. I haven't been to one of those in ages. I didn't know they still had them. I have a lot of Tupperware but I've had it a long time. All the desserts look so yummy.

Anonymous said...

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