Monday, August 4, 2008

Works of God Monday

Reflecting back on this week there were two things that came to mind that I want to praise the Lord for:

My friend CeeKay has been battling ovarian cancer for almost 2 years now. She went for her checkup last week and got a very good report. She doesn't have to be on Chemo right now and can go another 3 months enjoying her life without the debilitating side effects it brings.
I'm so happy for her.

Our daughter and family, that just went to CA to plant a church in Riverside, had been there less than 2 wks. when they experienced their first earthquake. At 5.4 on the scale it was enough to shake their house and rattle windows. I'm so thankful for God's watchcare over them and their belongings.

God is so good!


ceekay said...

Thank you my dear friend. I KNOW that you and your hubby have been praying for me...Hoping for 2 more years and more, God willing!

TwoMuths said...

More blessings and works of God! Isn't it exciting to see?? Thanks for sharing your blessings!