Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday This & That

“Discontent is the penalty we must pay for being ungrateful for what we have.” - unknown

How true, how true! It's food for thought. We have so much in this country to be thankful for and yet we sometimes feel we are entitled to or need more.
I think of our ancestors and don't really understand how they managed to raise such large families, stayed together and seemed to be happy with life.
I love old family photos and the history they represent, don't you? This is my grandparents with their eight children. They sorta look like Bonnie and Clyde with a family. (smile) They married and lived in WV. My grandfather and his two brothers married three sisters from a nearby family. How's that for keeping it in the family??

The odd thing is in my generation, my sister and I married brothers.

My Mom only went to 8th grade because that is all the schooling there was. It ended there. I guess they thought that was all the kids needed to know and was time to go out in the world and make a living. She is with classmates in the pic below, second from left. Check out the little boy's leather hat with flaps.

My Mom is with her Dad riding a big white work horse. She was a young lady by now.
This is a picture of my grandparents in later years. Behind them, up on the hill, is the house I was born in. It was common practice back then for the Dr. to come to the house. Whew, at least I had a doctor. Believe it or not his name was Dr. Puckett.

My Mom eloped with my Dad at 21 yrs. old. She may have thought she was getting old. (smile)They are in the pic below with 4 of their children. The 5th was not thought of yet. I am in my father's arms. Notice my Mom has a baby in her's--my brother. We are not even a year apart. We laugh at birthday time when he turns the same age as I am for a few days.

I hope you enjoyed the show and are having a pleasant week.


Shelia said...

Hi there! What sweet family pictures. Don't you just love it that you have these treasures? Aw, are you the little cutie and with curlie hair to boot! I think I looked like a little boy until I was about 3 - I didn't have much hair to speak of!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a beautiful family. I love old family photos. My old family photos were one of the first postings I did on my blog. Old family photos are such a treasure. I hope future generations continue to appreciate them. WOW!!! Your mom must have been a very busy lady. Two children born within a year. I bet the two of you are close. That is funny about the two families marrying family. You were sure a beautiful baby girl.
Hugs, Terrie

The Berry's Patch said...

What a great story about your grandfather & brothers marrying sisters that then you and your sister marrying brothers. What a coincidence. Such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

Brandee :-)

ceekay said...

Great pictures! I love family pictures like that.

Kathy said...

I love old pictures...yours are so nice, Ro. I especially like the one where your dad is holding you.
You've got some treasures there!

Shannon said...

I absolutely love old pictures! Yours are great! Thanks for sharing!

Susie Harris said...

What a beautiful family you have! I loved looking at each picture... what history... Im such a sucker for history and old family photos... Thank you for sharing...

The Barkers said...

I always love looking at our old family photos! :-)

Charlotte said...

Wonderful old family pictures. I was born in a house in Oklahoma. Everyone in the little town where I was born was born in a house. There wasn't a hospital for many miles and back in 1936 getting around wasn't that easy. I know the doctor's name that delivered me. It was Dr. McCurdy.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What precious photos!
The quality is amazing.You did a great job preserving them.

Raindancer1 said...

I just found your wonderful old family pictures, how lucky you are
to have them and to be able to share them. I do genealogy and have been lucky enough to have some from both sides of my family and they are so treasured.
I made copies for all our children and recently received some from my husband's side of the family to add to our collection.
Love your Blog.