Thursday, April 10, 2008

Show & Tell

Not knowing what to post today, I decided to feature another antique that I picked up at an estate sale about 20 years ago in MI. A friend of mine was handling the sale and gave me the heads up of what things were available. My sister and I were there bright and early the day of the sale and both of us got an old trunk.

I knew it was old I just didn't know how old till I got it home.

A friend was visiting one day and said, "You know you can tell the date of the trunk." She took me over to it and pointed to the hinge on it and there it was.

I took a close pic of it. I hope you can decipher some of it. It says Pat. March 1880.

I showed another lady after that how to find the date on hers. She also didn't know it was there. Hers said 1860. Wow, that's old!
Does anyone else out there have any old trunks to share with us?

The flowers on it are painted in blue.
These were trunks used for travel with comparments inside . The trunk is on wheels that are built into the bottom for easier movability. It has leather handles on each side to pull it with.
Can't you just imagine someone traveling with this 128 years ago. Perhaps overseas on an oceanliner???


Charlotte said...

What a neat trunk. And we think we can't travel unless we have suitcases with wheels on it. It's fun to imagine someone packing this trunk and going on a trip.
Thanks for the nice comment you made about my candlewick pillow. No, it wasn't hard. It was very easy. If you can embroidery, you can do candlewicking.

pinkroses said...

Great trunk! I never knew how to date learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing...suzanne duda

celestina marie said...

What a great trunk and great info. I can't imagine traveling with a trunk. I would have it so full, it would be so heavy. LOL!! I love them at the end of a bed for storage and keepsakes. Thank you for sharing that great detail to tell the age.
la Rea Rose