Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Downtown

We went downtown Sat. to the Artisphere. The Dogwood trees are in their glory right now.

We have a beautiful and unique park at the west end of town. Over the last 3 years it's been completely renovated. We have a new bridge over our waterfall that is suspended on just one side. People are flocking to it. The grounds are beautifully kept and they have all kinds of outdoor entertainment there.

We had a NY artist that painted with chalk on the sidewalk. He sprays it and it lasts up to a year, if you can believe it. They had to pressure wash last year's off so they could paint this years. They are so talented and amazing to watch. It takes up to 30 hours for them to complete the work. It's a three day event.
There was another artist's work that you may have seen via the internet. ( There is more than one artist that does this type of work.) He paints a portrait by splashing the paint, with his hands, on canvas that is sometimes rotating while music is playing. See below

The Dogwoods

The Park grounds

The bridge and waterfall The bridge when it was being built a few years ago

Artist splashing paint as the song The Green Beret plays and the final portrait of John Wayne that starred in the movie with the same title.

The artist doing chalk drawing. Isn't it amazing the talent that's out there.
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ceekay said...

They just had downtown Greenville on House Hunters and talked about the renovations and the bridge. I thought...hmmm, been there! Great pics and yes, those chalk drawings are amazing!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a beautiful park. We have a very nice park, with lots of Azalea's, here in Tulsa. That type art work always amazed me. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your downtown with us.

Charlotte said...

What a neat place to go and what beautiful art work. Thanks for sharing.

celestina marie said...

WOW the park and all the flowers are just lovely. You have some really great inspiring pics. Thanks so much for sharing.
La Rea Rose