Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning a Planting

This is what's been happening around our house. It's planting time! We are have this awful red clay to contend with here in the south. It makes it hard for plants to grow in it. Hubby got tired of this and decided to dig areas of it up and replace with good soil. ( At lease where new plants were going to be plabnted.) What a mess!
Good soil is down and ready to plant the annuals. Finally some color after the long winter.

I'll be sure to show you after pics when it's all done.
This is our laundry room. It's a separate room, no passing through it to get to the garage. No one ever sees it except hubby and me. But......I knew what was lurking in there...hiding under those two machines. lol I couldn't stand it any longer....

I can't believe I'm going to show you this. You may want to close your eyes. Here's goes! Isn't it gross???

I got hubby to pull both machines out so I could clean under them. Now that is much better, don't you think!

On to the next project I needed help with. We have 15 foot ceilings in our master bathroom, and one wall has an open shelf. Even with the six ft. ladder it's hard for me at 5' 1" to reach and clean all the items up there.

Look how dusty this arrangement is!
It looks like hubby is doing all the work and I just take pictures. lol Not really though. I'm cleaning all the items he hands me and then I give them back to him.
All clean and back together. Much better!
We've gone through six room from top to bottom so far and making head way outside, too! Whew, I'm tired just writing it. Many more rooms to go but not sure when I'll get to them because Ceekay from Thinkin' of Home is coming next week and I have to save some strength cuz.. we want to have time to party!! lol

What's happening at your house?


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Doctor visits, packing, nothing much. I am always amazed at how much yuck is under those appliances!!

Sweet Meanderings said...

Doesn't it feel good to have everything clean? It always give me a sense of accomplishment. Your backyard is beautiful. It looks like spring has finally arrived!

Happy@Home said...

Ha, ha ~ I recognize that lovely red clay.
Your house always looks so nice. It was kind of fun to see what was under your washer. I shudder to think what is lurking under mine :).
You and hubby make a great team. It will be so nice to have your house and yard all ready before the heat of summer arrives.
How fun to have Ceekay coming for a visit. I predict some interesting blog posts will come along with the visit.

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

I need to do some more of that too! I'm sure you feel great getting all that done!

Sharing Shadymont said...

I hate when we move appliances. But once it's done and clean it's so much better.

I need to do some cleaning of some "high" places too. Neither hubby or I are very excited to climb. Maybe before too long we will though.

Have a great visit with Ceekay!


Shelia said...

Hi Rose! I'm impressed with all of that cleaning! I wouldn't dare move my washer or dryer. You could probably plant potatoes back there! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

Rose, I am sitting here smiling, as seeing your dh up on the ladder cleaning the shelf is exactly what my dh does, and I too am cleaning everything, and taking pics. lol.
I too have to clean behind the washer and dryer, OH! such a great feeling. Looking forward to seeing the completion of your yard work. This is s busy time for us all, enjoy your visit with Ceekay.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You two are busy little bees! How about coming down here and do the same things in our house! It needs it badly!

Have fun with Ceekay!


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Ms.Rose your yard is absolutely gorgeous!! I always enjoy seeing photos of your yard.... you and your husband do such a good job. I know exactly what you are talking about...we have to deal with all that red clay too!!! :( Every time I plant something new I just use miracle grow soil and I've had good luck so far. Hope you are having a great week!!

Spring Blessings,

Shelia said...

Hi Rose! Oh, that's okay! I'm on my knees half the day asking God's forgiveness for the coveting I do in Blogland! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,

Sue Giannotta said...

Oh, I so need to get busy with a good top to bottom cleaning too. Usually I can keep up and don't need much deep cleaning but this year has gotten away from me in the housekeeping department.
What a sweet hubby you have to help you around the house so much!