Sunday, April 17, 2011

Metamorphosis of Front Yard

The pansies had started to wane and had seen better days. We have terribly hard red clay here in the south which makes it hard for plants to do their best. Hubby decided to take up the old mulch and some red clay and put better soil down for the Spring and summer plants.

I mean a truck load. This is just the beginning of it.
This is the new soil and a few plants that were added.

The new mulch was delivered last Tues. It really does help keep moisture to the plants when it's in the 90's or 100's here.
Things just have to grow now! The hard work, thanks to DH is done.

This is between our garage doors.

This is the finished job .  Now we wait for them to grow.  I'll keep you posted!


Sue said...

This is simply beautiful Rose, and it's like the feeling we get when the inside of our home is all sparkling and clean.Now you can sit back and watch it grow, enjoy!

We are no ways finished, but are working on it, the fence painting has slowed us down. lol
As always such a joy to visit.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks great. I love working in the yard and need to plant flowers, too.

Sharing Shadymont said...

Your yard looks wonderful!!! Great job!!

Melissa Miller said...

Wow! Rose this is all simply stunning. Great work.

Warmly, ~Melissa

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Sweet friend,
Your front yard is gorgeous. Your plants are such a nice mix of colors. The mulch makes everything looks so rich and clean.
Our son has the same fountain in his backyard. Love the planter between the garage doors.
Love it all and your spring tablescape is beautiful too.
Have a wonderful time with Ceekay and a beautiful Easter.
Thank you for stopping by. I am doing better this weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Happy@Home said...

Wow, it looks beautiful. You'll be so glad to have it done before the really hot weather sets in. Then you can sit in the shade with iced tea in hand and just enjoy it :).
You and your husband always do such a nice job with your house and yard work. I was looking at the picture in your header and thinking your lawn looks like a carpet.

Sue Giannotta said...

I love the dark brown mulch. It contrasts beautifully with all your gorgeous new plants.
I am jealous that you are in your gardens. The weather here has been atrocious.

Sweet Meanderings said...

Everything looks simply beautiful. You have worked really hard! Have a great week with Ceekay. I know you'll have a fun time!

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

Your yard is looking good! Looks great with new mulch and pretty new flowers. I think we still have a few more weeks with our pansies. They are so full and still have lots of blooms. I've sowed a bunch of impatiens seeds already, so hopefully they will come up soon.

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Everything looks beautiful! We are getting ready to re-landscape our front yard. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer said... pretty! Everything looks lovely and so inviting. Working in the yard is so rewarding!!:) Hubbie did a lot of work - and goodness, does it show!

Burtonxwvf said...

Looks great. I love working in the yard and need to plant flowers, too.