Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Happenings

It's been fun watching all the bird activity since the weather has warmed up. Hubby got the camera out and took a few pics of them in the fountain out front.

He got this one just has it was taking flight.

A bird bath on the other side of the house.
Look who else was watching all the birdies playing.

We were babysitting our 2 yr. old granddaughter and she was so intriqued with the birds outside.

Then on Tuesday we had a fundraising banquet to support our local Women's Pregnancy Center. It supports girls in their decision to keep their babies and raise them or give them up for adoption. They get the medical care and emotional support they need at the center.
They were featuring a new film. It was like going to a movie carpet and all.

This is the film and book they were giving to everyone in attendance.

It is an annual affair and very well attended. The meal was incredible!
I'm on the right facing the camera. Hubby was having fun with the camera and snapping away.

They had beautiful flowers on the table in a popcorn bucket (remember we're at a movie premier) and a director's little film thing, that they do "Take One" with, sticking out of the plant.

It's so good for hubby and I to be involved in worthy causes. Takes the focus off of ourselves. There are so many worthy causes out there to get involved with! They are innumerable.
We do what we can to lend a helping hand. Even the smallest act of kindness is appreciated.
Let's not forget all those that are suffereing in Japan right now.
How's your week been?


NanaNor's said...

Happy Friday to you! I have to tell you that I absolutely love your backyard-in fact if I could transform ours to look like yours I would. Of course I'm not sure if you get the really tough winters we get here in Colorado. We have been seeing lots of Robins in our yard lately and I love it. Was that a crow at your fountain? We get Grackles and I really dislike them because they kill all the other birds.
Great photos of the fundraiser. Such a worthy cause.
Have a delightful day.

Marlis said...

Love your birds.. great photos. I got the birdbath cleaned last night and filled and the first bird was a bright red robin (not to be confused with the cardinal family in the big pine). Love the curls! What a lovely fundraiser and how wonderful it must be to be part of such a worthwhile cause. Your granddaughter is a cutie!
happy weekend!

Shelia said...

Hi Rose! Oh what a wonderful event and you look stunning, my dear! :)
Those bird baths are so pretty and I love seeing your pretty little grand peeping out the window. She's a little doll.
Now you must come to my party - your kitchen is gorgeous!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Love the birdbath pics. Copy, copy, thats my hobby!! I put a blogmation on mine now too!!

Jennifer said...

How fun - watching the birds..and seeing your little granddaughter so enjoying the fun! So makes me want to go out and get a birdbath:)

The fundrasier looks like a great evening - what a wonderful cause! said...

Love the birdbaths! But that lil blondie steals the show! ADORABLE!


Sue said...

Enjoyed this post so much Rose,Birds always give me such joy, you granddaughter is so precious.
Grandchildren always make our days brighter too.

I think this cause that you and your dh are involved in is so important! pregnancy crisis centers seem to have been put on the back burners in a lot of places

. We have a lady minister in our town that started a ministry for girls who were unwed and pregnant, she tries to help them with their education and encourages them to better themselves and gives spiritual teaching.
And you are so right, when we give to others, it does take our minds off of ourselves.
Beautiful post!