Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakfast for Two

There's nothing like whole milk right from the dairy farm. We buy our milk from a local farmer and everyone raves about it. It has a catchy name too. lol Hubby will drink no other milk now that he has tasted this kind. lol

Our eggs come from another local farm and what a difference in size, color, and taste than those from the grocery store. I know....we are blessed to have the choice of someone locally that distributes them. Our daughter picks up the eggs for me every other Wed. So fresh! Thanks Sarah!When the hens are laying (and sometimes they don't produce many) they are so much larger than the ones in the stores.

I haven't used my Rooster dishes in awhile, so I thought I would set a breakfast table for hubby and me.

My new Roo in the middle came from HomeGoods. Love that store! He was only $7.99.

My dishes came from there as well. I love the warm colors.

Cute little rooster plate for jam or "jelly".

Nothing like warm biscuits or bread. Can't forget that butter either. lol

I'm joining Susan @Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Be sure stop by her gorgeous blog and see other tables for inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by today. Loving hearing from each one of you!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Pretty getting into Roos??? Like how you did the centerpiece.

Meredith said...

What a pretty table...looks so inviting!

My Cozy Casita said...

You getting in to Roos I have so many around my home, I loved beautiful contry tablescape the centerpiece so cute.

Babs said...

What a fun way to start the day! Love the Roos, especially your centerpiece. Cute post.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Good morning! Love your pretty table. I am a huge rooster fan so this is just delightful.

Love the milk name, too. So fun.


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

As always I LOVED your table set!! You also did a great job on your center piece. You have the cutest butter bowl ...Is that vintage?


Happy@Home said...

How fun to get fresh milk and eggs so close to home. I love the name of the dairy, now if they would only put it into vintage glass bottles it would be perfect. :)
Your table is is so cute and inviting. I like how you did the centerpiece.

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

I just wanted to drop back by and say thank you so much for letting me know where you purchased the little butter dishes. I will be checking out Target this weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Spring Blessings,

Janet said...

Being a city girl, I'm very jealous of your farm-fresh eggs! I just went through a phase this week where I really, REALLY wanted to start keeping a couple of hens just for the eggs. I think my poor hubby (who indulges almost ALL of my crazy ideas - LOL) was really holding his breath on this one, waiting to see if I would follow through. By the next day I had changed my mind... anyway those fresh eggs look wonderful and your breakfast table is wonderful with all the colorful roosters!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Rose,
How wonderful to enjoy fresh milk and eggs. I know they taste so much better as we had a dairy farm near us in West Texas and used to get the milk and eggs on occassion when we could travel there.

Love your Rooster and dishes table. Just lovely. Don't you just love Home Goods. I always finds the best treasures there too.
Food jsut taste better on pretty plates I think. LOL

So sorry to read about your neighbors home going up in flames. Prayers for those families involved. It is a difficult time I am sure.
Thanks to your son in law too for all he does for his fellow man in serving as a policeman. My BIL is also a policeofficer and he has seen so much, yet glad to serve his community.

Thanks for stopping by. I am not better yet and going to another test tomorrow for the gall bladder and esophagus on Monday.
Have a great weekend.
XO Celestina Marie

Sue said...

Rose, you are a woman after my own heart, I adore roosters in all shapes and colors, and yours are absolutely beautiful !!
I so agree about buying from local farmers. lol Really you get the best quality!! If you lived nearby, I would supply your eggs,There is so much difference between them and store bought. I would love to find a local dairy but they are so few and far between.. Continue to enjoy those fresh goodies!
I am sorry to have missed your last post.... But I am so thankful for our unsung heroes, the policemen and firemen put their lives in harms way everyday too.
I am also sorry for the loss of those families, I will be praying for them.
Thank you for your well wishes for Will, and for your prayers for us, they mean so much, and he will be so pleased to know that so many are paying for him.

Sweet Meanderings said...

What a wonderful table. I love the fresh food you've found in your area of the country. I'm hoping to find good things like that around here - at least fish!
Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Ceekay is trying to teach me but it's slow going.


Marigene said...

Cute breakfast table...nothing like starting the day with a loud cockadoodledoo!


Such charming table Ro! I love your Roo as centerpiece to those pretty and fun rooster plates. I love it!
Have a nice weekend.

Jennifer said...

I am a huge rooster fan - although I try to stay away from themes:) Its so hard, though! I so enjoyed your photos..and coveted your dishes!:)

Hope to start posting again sometime in the next week or so!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a great "good morning" tablescape. The rooster is certainly king of your tablescape. Lucky you to have access to those fresh eggs.

Marlis said...

I'm starting my blog hopping a wee bit late this week ;-(...
Love your breakfast table. The colors are fabulous and the plates are wonderful. Those napkins really make the table (well along with your Rooster and cool centerpiece). Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comments.

Tess said...

Your rooster is adorable and the rooster dishes go so well with the colorful linens. You are lucky to be able to get such fresh eggs and milk. Great breakfast!!

Entertaining Women said...

We have a dear friend who brings us fresh eggs, too...and I'm tempted to serve breakfast three times a delicious! Your rooster plates and centerpiece are the perfect choice for your blessed bounty of farm fresh goods. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

What a pretty and colorful table! I'm so jealous you have fresh eggs and milk from local farmers. I have always wanted to have chickens!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I feel like I am down home on the farm! What gorgeous eggs! And your table is something to crow about. YOur attention to detail makes it so very special!