Friday, December 3, 2010

Month of Birthdays

I've been busy celebrating! My Mom just turned 85 and we traveled to FL to celebrate with her, along with 14 other family members who came from MI and SC. It was such a sweet time with her and family. She is doing so well. Still in her own home and active. Sometimes I think she can outdo me when it comes to energy. She still rakes her leaves, trims her bushes and at times cuts her grass. I just went to a business luncheon yesterday and sat next to the sweetest lady. She was talkative, friendly and mentioned she was 96 yrs. young. I nearly fell off my seat. I couldn't believe it..but I digress. Point is--I hope I'm able to be upright--let alone out for lunch at that age. lol I sent out simple invitations for my Mom's lunch. Picked up her cake the morning of her Birthday luncheon.
I used the numbers 8 and 5 so she wouldn't have so many candles to blow out. lol
She's been a great influence and source of strength in mine and my siblings lives. Thanks Mom!

She's been a widow for 28 yrs. now. God has blessed her with good health and sound mind.

She almost had me on her birthday. I came 4 days after hers. My brother's is one day after hers. We've been doing a lot of celebrating! lol

In fact, I got a new car for my B-day! Ours was 8 yrs. old and we had been thinking about a newer one next year but the deals on the 2010's were too good to pass up.

I went to pick it up and the guys at the dealership had put balloons on it for me.
The salesman and the Mgr. of the dealership gave me the keys and sang Happy Birthday to me! I was a little embarrassed but thought it was sweet.
My daughter Sarah lives here and gave me pretty jewelry. Andrea is far away in CA. I got a beautiful ring and turtleneck from her.
Last, but not least, is sweet Ivy who was born the day before my B-day and just turned two.
She loves food period-- that girl can out eat me any day. She loved her yummy cupcake. ( We pushed her hair back so she could dig in). lol
Well, no more birthdays till next Tuesday. Then sweet Emma will turn 11. She's the Pearl Harbor Day baby in the family. Ivy is the Veteran's Day Baby and Jonas was almost the 4th of July baby but popped out on the 3rd. instead. lol They made it easy for this Grammy to remember their birthdays. lol

After the celebrating, we've been doing a lot of decorating. I'll post those pics next week.

Have a great and safe weekend!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, your mom sounds like a very hard worker for her age and I hope I am like that, but the way my body is already acting at thirty years younger than her I doubt it. Happy Birthday to you and all your other family members. Nice birthday gift!

Shelia said...

Happy late birthday to you and your mom! She is darling and doesn't look 85 at all! What a blessing she can live on her own and take care of herself. My mom is 87 but she lives in a retirement home.
You must have been a really good girl to get that beautiful new car! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;) I love your header showing your home, by the way.

Sailing Simply said...

It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time of celebrations. What nice birthday presents you got! Wow! Beautiful pictures of your whole family too. I can't wait to see more of your Christmas decor. It looks so pretty!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Like Len like its 1999! Oh man, I wish it was!!
Love you guys!

Sue said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you! Mine was last Friday, but I sure didn't get a car! LOL You HAVE been busy celebrating b-days! Is your header picture this year's decorations? If so, you're on the ball, girl. And it looks gorgeous!
I am so far behind and I decided not to put up all my trees this year. Especially the 12 footer in the great room. I still have boxes all over the house and I am nowhere close to being done. What is it with so many of us this year?
Off to work on the tree....
~ Sue

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

A fun month of celebrating all those birthdays! Little Ivy is getting so big! So nice that you gave your mother the party, wish you would have had time to stop by to see us. Congrats on the new car! Both our cars are over ten years old, but Joe won't get new ones until these breakdown, which they never will, Hondas and Toyotas last forever! LOL!

A Happy Belated Birthday to you!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi, happy birthday to your Mom...such sweet pictures.

You will love your new Explorer. I have one and just love it!

Thanks for your kind visit and sweet comment and you take a little time for yourself, okay?

Blessings, Barb

Happy@Home said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and you and all of the other family members who are celebrating! Sounds like a fun and busy month in your family.
Your mom seems to be doing great for 85. What a blessing that is. The party you gave looks like a lovely way to celebrate such a special birthday.
Look forward to your decorating post.

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

You have been busy celebrating! My dad is turning 86 in a couple of days, my sister and two nephews have birthdays in the next week or so also! Hope your fun continues!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Rose,
OH my goodness such a lovely post of birthday celebrations. Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend and congrats on the new car. What a sweet surprise from the salesman to sing. It is a beautiful car. I can relate to getting a car for your birthday. My hubby planned my new SUV at my birthday last Feb. too and it was so much fun.

Congrats to your mother on her
85th birthday. She is beautiful and I love the pics of her with you.She sure is a young 85. The cake you had for her was so pretty and I am sure delish!

Happy Birthday to your sweet grans too. Love the pic of your little sweetie and her cupcake. What a doll.

Love your Christmas header and the tablescape too. You know I always love your holiday home. I have yet to show my decor, but planning those posts this week.

So enjoyed catching up with you and I look forward to the rest of your home pics.
Till then, take good care and big hugs from Texas.
Love to you,
Celestina Marie