Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polka Dot Dishes

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from seeing my Mom and brother in the Sunshine State that didn't have much sunshine while we were there. lol We thought we would be a little warmer there---NOT!

I've never seen it that cold and rainy in the 27 yrs. my Mom has lived there.

We didn't go for the fun this time. My Mom had been sick and while we were there my brother went into the hospital. All is better now and we have returned home to the unusual cold in SC.

The other day was the first day, since keeping weather statistics, that 48 states had snow on the ground all on the same day. Yes, even Florida.

There was a good bit of snow in lower GA.

I didn't really have much to share for a post, so I thought I'd show you some cute polka dot dishes I found at HG.

I just found these white plates at K-Mart by Jaclyn Smith. The pattern is really cute on them.

I stuck a Geranium in the middle for the center piece.

While in FL I found this $1.99 bowl at T.J. Maxx.

A few more finds at HG. It's shaped like a heart.

The striped one was bundled with the polka dot one above. They're small but cute.

My stemware is from Old Time Pottery. I love that store, too.

After I took the above pics I changed the coasters to ones below. (I forgot I had them.) lol

They have polka dots and are monogrammed.

It's always good to be home but it brings us back to reality as well.

I have a few friends that need me this week as they go through surgeries. I'll try to get to visit all of you very soon.

My best friend and your fellow blogger Ceekay @Thinkin' of Home got some very distressing news today. She has an ongoing battle with Ovarian cancer and is going through some trying times. Please keep her in your prayers as she comes to mind, I know she will appreciate them.

I'll be around to see ya!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh Rose, those dishes are darling! Perfect for your kitchen...don't forget you have those heart coaster too...the countdown begins!!! I can't wait!

Tardevil said...

Love those polka dot dishes. I use to live in SC, but it never snowed in the 1 year we were there. Hope your brother is doing better. Had just been to Ceekay's, but didn't realize she had bad news. Thx for letting us know.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I have those polka dot dishes in black and white! Love them! We should get them together, and have a party! It would be cute!

Glad you are home safely and that your mom and brother are better now. Yes, we've had very unusual cold weather in FL this season! I'm tired of the cold!

Sorry to hear about Ceekay's news, I'll write to her.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sad news about Ceekay. I read about it yesterday. Hoping your mother and brother are better! Maybe next time you go for a visit the sun will be out and you can enjoy the warmth! Although, I'm sure it'll be warm soon down by you!

I love the dishes!! They're so cheery! Beautiful! Enjoy your day!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rose,
So glad you got to be with your mom and brother in Florida and all is well now. It has been cold everywhere and we are hoping for warmer days soon.

I continue to pray for Ceekay. I was just visiting her blog, but did not realize she may have some distressing news. Thank you for giving us an update.

Your dishes and tablescape is gorgeous. You are wonderful with your table displays. I love those polka dot red dishes with the white. Perfect for the week in Feb. Your stemware is beautiful too.
Prayers for your friends having surgery. Thanks for stopping by. It is busy here and lots being accomplished with the masterbath. I am ready to be done and decorate.

See you soon. Take good care
Blessings always friend,
Celestina Marie

Jennifer said...

Super cute table...how can you not love dishes with polka dots!?!? Glad everyone is on the mend in Florida and you are safely home now. Have a good week!

Happy@Home said...

I am sorry to hear that your Mom and brother were having some health challenges, but glad to hear things are better now.
Your table looks so cheery. I saw those polka dotted dishes at HG last weekend and considered bringing some home. Now I wish I would have. They are darling in your tablescape.
I will be keeping Ceekay in my prayers.

Shelia said...

HI Rose! So sorry you didn't get the sunshine, but it sounds like you were really needed by your mom and brother. Hope they're doing better.
Now those are some sweet little dishes.
Thanks for mentioning Ceekay, she is such a sweet one. I've started reading her second blog about her cancer. She is in my prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Miss Janice said...

First I want to say that I hope your Mother and Brother are both better. Also, I'm hoping that Ceekay is having better times! I will hop over to her blog and let her know I will pray for her:) Your dishes are darling...love the polka dots and the white Jaclyn Smith dishes. Can Jaclyn make anything that isn't beautiful?!