Saturday, February 27, 2010


With the long spell of cold weather and snow that many of you have, I'm longing for Spring. How about you?
I started looking through my picture folders and found some beautiful pics of flowers that I took last year in Branson.
I've not posted the downtown of Branson before. It is unique and one of the prettiest down towns I've been to.
In the middle of town they have a tiered flower garden with steps that lead to the river. There you see fountains that shoot into the air. Every half hour or so flames shoot up in the air from gas pipes that are in the water with music playing. It's very cool! See no flames are shooting in the pic below.

The flowers are beautiful and so well kept.

There is a boat tour you can take. Not sure what it's like.

Hubby and I enjoying the shops, flowers, water, music and watching the flames.

Different fountains are in the middle of the town.

Doesn't the colors alone make you hungry for Spring!

They have so many shops in town. Major chains, as well as privately owned ones.
Notice the streets. You can't drive a car down them. They do have a trolley to take you back and forth from one end to the other if you don't want to leisurely stroll along.
The old street lights constantly change colors from pink, blue and yellow.

They even had a Bass Pro Shop at the end of town. Of course, Hubby pulled me inside that one. lol

One good deed deserves another- so I took him to an Auntie Ann's pretzel shop.
Yum! They are soooooo goooood!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Looks so pretty! I don't remember going there when we were in Branson.

Yes! I'm longing for Spring to come, I'm so tired of this cold weather here in FL!!

I love those pretzels too! Wish I had one now!


Kathy said...

Your pictures of flowers and fountians make me more anxious for Spring, though I don't know how I could be MORE so! Spring can't arrive a day too soon.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love when a town takes pride in its appearance and really does things beautifully! Love all the flowers and the fountains! Those shops look like some place hubby and I would love to visit! Enjoy your Sunday also!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Looks very pretty! The fountains kinda remind me of the Bellagio!

Melissa Miller said...

How beautiful this looks Rose! I would sure love to visit there soon.

I'm ready for Spring! ~Melissa :)

Happy@Home said...

Love the new springy look of your blog. The header pic is lovely. I also enjoyed your pictures from Branson. It looks so pretty there.

Dawn said...

I need to go look at my flower pictures - I am anxious indeed as it is spitting snow this afternoon.

I NEED to get to Branson - never have made it there. For years I've wanted to go catch Andy Williams - he's still going and is one of my favorites ever. I think a trip down there needs to be in our future plans!

Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures! Makes me so ready for spring too!

Dawn said...

Now I really want to go! How did I miss the picture of you and Andy? Could you please send me the date or the link so I can go see it?

Dawn said...

It did! Thanks so much. Wonder how I missed that one. What fun that he is such a kind man.

When a friend went there recently, I told her the same thing I told you, that I really want to hear him before he retires. She took a picture of his theater with her phone and sent it to me that night, as she drove around Branson in her car. I got such a bang out of that.

He looks fabulous and I'm glad he's still got the voice. Some station ran his old Christmas show over the holidays this year and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him and his brothers in their brightly colored matching outfits - what a handsome bunch they were.

Heather said...

wow, so pretty! i wish spring would hurry up and get here. we're so done with winter! hope you two have been well.

Flowers said...

I enjoyed the garden tour. It looks awesome with wonderful pictures of flowers. Enjoyed your blog too :)

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