Monday, June 8, 2009

York Part II

We ate at a cute little cafe, not exactly a tea room but very cute.
I was enjoying a cup of flavored hot tea.

Other ladies that had friends eating with them.

They had two fireplaces. You can see one to the left around the corner.

It was a fun day trip. Thanks for visiting today. I hope your week is starting off great and you stop by again soon.


Heather said...

love those fireplaces and those houses! what a fun trip!

Karen said...

OH, thank you for that post. Gosh, it seems everywhere back east has so much HISTORY! We just don't have all that out here in California.
Loved the cemetery shots, I could walk for hours in old cemeterys. Just thinking about who those people were, and what they did during the course of their life.
GREAT TABLE! (sorry hubby)
HAGD! Karen

ceekay said...

Looks so beautiful. I would have LOVED it!

Happy @ Home said...

That looks like another fun little trip. I'm glad your antique store pic was "clickable" so that I could get a better look at your find. Very pretty table and the red sandals are cute too. LOL.

If we ever get there I will remember Jasmine's as it looks very cute.

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