Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miscellaneous Weekend

We had an uneventful weekend and a bit of a bug at our house. An upper respiratory thingy had been trying to get me. I hope I'm getting the better of it now.
We had started a couple of tomato plants a few weeks back and we did reap some benefits this weekend. We got our first and second ripe tomato.
This is right after planting. We did them in planters to see if we liked growing them. Maybe next year we will do more veggies in the ground. I'm ready to pick the ripe one.
They are good size and I'm pleased they have done so well. We have 20 more blooms or tomatoes getting ready for the harvest. ( I know I sound like a farmer, don't I) lol

Sitting on the window sill waiting to be sliced. Yum!

Another project hubby undertook was to pressure wash the side walk and driveway. The sidewalk is a bit low and with the amount of rain we've had it had some mildew on it.
He didn't even know I snapped this pic. The machine is so LOUD!

I takes awhile to blast that stuff off. He is always looking for the fun in things. He brought me out to see his latest art work. lol

That middle area is the black part and around it is the clean.

Looks so much better now. He is proud of his handy work. His shoulder is feeling it today. He says it's like operating a jack hammer.

That's all for today, guys. I hope to post again in a couple of days. Enjoy your week! I hope it's a sunny one for you. More rain in our forecast this afternoon.


Heather said...

uggh we have the off and on rain and thunderstorms here too! i hope your respiratory bug is gone now! my husband had the same thing-must be allergies or something bothering everyone. hope you have a good week!

ceekay said...

Seriously...if it was my hubby doing the cleaning...the message would say "I want Ceekay to stop giving me jobs to do?"

Karen said...

We've had JUNE GLOOM here for over a week! Today is the very first day in like 10 days that the sun has made an appearance. YAY!
I don't know if we can dry Peonies. I know I dry Hydrangeas, but these - who knows!
I do love them though!!!!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sweetie, Nothing like the taste of a fresh ripe tomato. Your plants look so wonderful and healthy. Hope you are feeling better.
Love your hubby's art work. He is so sweet to write that on the cement. What a romantic!! Now that is something my dh would do too. He once came to my car when I was getting my hair done and wrote all over the side windows in car window paint. It was Valentines Day. What a surprise!!LOL!!
WOW those power washers are great. We have been talking about getting one.

You asked about my spoons. I paint on all kinds from new to vintage. Dollar store to garage sale. The latest one in my post is a very large serving spoon size. Those are the best for a larger surface to paint.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice artwork! Love the tomatoes! Ours are slowly growing ad we have had sooooo much rain! I don't think the tomatoes like being wet all the time! We have some sun this morning, but more rain coming in the afternoon. I hope to get out in my garden some this morning! Hope you're feeling better!

Happy @ Home said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you are better soon. I can't wait to see a red tomato. I have 3 plants, but so far they are still green. My husband recently power washed around here and I agree about the noise. He tends to keep at it until he is done, but at 8 pm I finally told him enough of the noise and those gas fumes. He had a sore shoulder too. I will have to show him this post to give him some ideas on being more creative next time. The only designs I see are some squiggly lines. :-) The rain is getting old around here, isn't it?

Joy said...

Tomatoes looking good. I hope you feel better soon! I have had one sinus thing after another. Not fun.
My dh says we shoulhd have tomatoes
around fourth of July. I can't wait!

char72 said...

Not many things better than home grown tomatoes in my opinion. I wish we could get some of that rain in our part of the country. They said maybe this weekend. I don't believe it.

Shannon said...

Too cute! I used to write messages on our driveway with the power washer when I was little. :)

Katie is doing much better, thanks for asking.

Love Bears All Things said...

What a sweet guy! My Honey Bear is always doing unexpected things like that, cutting up a peach and bringing it to me, picking a bouquet of yard flowers or wild flowers on a walk, for me. I say that these gifts are priceless.
Mama Bear

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm catching up, doing some blog reading. I would love to have a home grown tomato sandwich! I love them on white bread, with Miracle Whip! Yum!

Joe just came in to say goodnite and I showed him Tom's artwork, he said "Great job, Tom!"

BTW, I like your new blog look, very classy!

lin said...