Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Month for Birthdays

With Mother's Day and 3 birthdays, May has been the month of celebration.
Our second grand daughter, Olivia, just turned six. Here she is with me a few years back.
This was taken at Easter when she was 1. She is the only one of the grandchildren to have the red tints in her hair.

She is very petite for her age. She has such a sweet personality.

She loves to dress up with her princess dresses.
She is such the brave one and handles the tower drop and space mountain better than I do. They are her favorite rides at Disney.

This is a very small roller coaster at a pizza parlor.

Another baby had a b-day this past week. My baby girl! Yikes!! How did 32 yrs. go by so quickly?? Sarah how did you get to be that age? She has been a joy to us and are thankful for the lovely young lady and mother she has become.

At six mos.

2 years old

Being a great aunt for years before she had her own children.

With her first baby, Jonas

And now sweet Ivy has joined the family. What joy they bring to us.

Last but not least. Sarah shares her birthday with our son-in-law, Kris. He is a pastor in CA. We just had a great time with them while visiting there.

Happy Birthday guys and Many More!
Hope you're all having a great week.


Susan said...

Happy birthday to these in your lovely family.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and your granddaughter! They are both so beautiful! I hope your daughter is recovering well from her surgery! Love the pictures!

Karen said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of your family!
You sound like me! We have 4 birthdays in May - in fact we are getting together on Monday to celebrate them all. This is the first weekend we are all going to be home at the same time! My oldest son will turn 24 tomorrow. WOW!

ceekay said...

Busy month! Time definately flies by doesn't it?

imjacobsmom said...

A family full of cutie - patooties! Sounds like May is a fun month for your family! Happy Birthday to all! ~ Robyn

Celestina Marie said...

You have a lovely family and the pics are all great. Looks like some wonderful times this month with the celebrations.Your daughter is beautiful. Our son is 32 also. Where did the time go?
Happy Birthday to all.
Celestina Marie

Celestina Marie said...
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Happy @ Home said...

Happy birthday to "everybody". I enjoyed all of the pictures. Great looking family you have.