Sunday, November 23, 2008

California There we Were

I wish I could say "California Here I Come" instead of "California We Were There".

Seriously, we had a wonderful time visiting our daughter, son-in-law and grand daughters. They are church planters in Riverside, CA. They have a huge undertaking ahead of them but they serve a Great God.

It's hard to believe we did all the site seeing, amusement parks, zoo, mountain day trip and shopping without my husband having a medical emergency while we were there.

For those of you who may not know---my hubby was taken to the emergency room the second night we arrived home and had open heart surgery a few days later. We are so thankful we were in our home state and are very blessed that he is doing well after 5 weeks. He continues to gain strength and is walking more than 2 miles a day. God is so Good!

I haven't had time to post some of the pics from that trip until now.

Here's a beautiful palm tree in CAArriving at the entrance to Disneyland. The whole park was decorated for Fall and was very pretty. Our daughter, son-in-law and grand daughters are in front of a Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin. They were so excited. They had never been to a park like this.Hubby and I in front of a Mickey Mouse pumpkin. I just had to have a replica of the pumpkin to remember our trip by. (smile)

Emma and Olivia were so excited to see all the Disney Characters walking around the park.

My gift to them was a Disney autograph book and pen to carry around for the characters to sign and it had a pocket next to their signature to add a picture that is taken with them. (which we were sure to get) Ceekay of gave me the great idea.

Here is Mary Poppins. It made their day to see Mickey in his "finest"garb.

The end of the day always brings a parade and people line up hours ahead of time. The girls happened to get a front row seat and many characters stopped to shake their hands or high five them.

They have some wild looking characters. (smile)
Thanks for visiting today and for all who said prayers for my husband's recovery. We appreciate them more than we can say.


Heather said...

so glad your hubby is doing well! it is amazing that he was great for the trip and God waited until you were safely home before getting sick.
i love the pictures! it makes me long to go to Disney World again. Oh and the replica pumpkin is gorgeous!

ceekay said...

Cute pumpkin....I can see why you bought it...aren't those books the greatest?!

Kathy said...

Fun trip! Disney is just the best place, isn't it? Glad your home safely just in time to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Shelia said...

I'm so sorry to hear of all your husband has had to go through, but praising God he is on the mend!

What a great trip you must have had with your family in Disneyland!! Those little grandbabies are adorable.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. We do have things in common don't we? This is so cool.
Be a sweetie and have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Shelia ;)

Shannon said...

Looks fun! I used to love Mary Poppins. :) Glad your husband is doing better!!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a special time for all of you, but especially for your grand-daughters!! So happy the "problem" did wait until you were back home.

So wonderful he is doing well. My hubby is doing great, too. It's taken him a little longer but then we are much older. In fact today is his 76th birthday. Which we will celebrate on Thanksgiving Thursday along with our son-in-loves. They share a Birthday!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Tammy said...

I am so glad that your husband is doing well...I know how stressful that all must have been, but so glad it happened after you were back home!

Loved seeing the you might know, our family went there (the first time for husband and kids) earlier this year and it was so much fun.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful time you had at Disneyland - we've been several times, but it's been so crowded that it's not bee all that fun. I'd love to take the girls someday, though.