Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lt. Colonel Oliver North and A Wedding

It's been a full week already! Time goes so fast, doesn't it?
Hubby and I went to a banquet last night to support a Free Medical Center in our area.
It always has GREAT food, cute decorations and VERY interesting speakers.

Taylors Medical Center provides FREE medical care to those without insurance and gives emotional & spiritual help as well.
Notice their logo. The T is a cross, Y is a stethoscope and the R had an Rx on it.

The table had a lantern, which is so popular now, tied with a burlap bow. They used brown and gold napkins and leaves sprinkled on the table. Our speaker was Lt. Colonel Oliver North. It was a honor to meet and speak with him. He is a highly decorated veteran with a Silver Star, Bronze Star for Valor and two (2) Purple Hearts for wounds in combat.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken, potatoes and veggies. An assortment of desserts followed.

We enjoyed a wonderful speech by the Colonel. He talked about his life, family, & his relationship with Jesus Christ. He then showed us footage of many brave soliders that are fighting in combat to keep us free here on the homeland.

As he said, we live in one of the few countries where we go to the tap and have clean drinking water, flip a switch and have instant light, travel from state to state if we choose, have the privilege to vote, women can drive (did you know there are countries where they can't), have amazing grocery stores with all kinds of fresh foods in them and the list goes on & on.

We are so blessed to live in America!

It was a great night! On a lighter note:

We had an outdoor wedding to go to this week. It was a little unusual, as you will see.

It was in a very wooded setting for one.....

See the groomsmen are walking from a path in the woods to the altar.......

One of which is the groom's dog! lol He wore the same tie as the others!

The bride coming down from the house.

The groom seeing her for the first time. They did their pics after for that very reason. His look is priceless!

I tried to get a close up of the goomsmen's boutonniere. It has two cotton plants along with the flower. We are, after all, in the deep south where it grows.

The dog was so disinterested by now. lol

That's what's been happening here. How's your week been going? Would love to hear about it!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You always have the most interesting affairs to attend! What a fun wedding! (Glad it didn't rain!)

What an honor to see and hear Col. North!


Entertaining Women said...
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Entertaining Women said...

I've long admired Ollie North. As Marines, my ex-brother-in-law and he were roommates at one point. He's always been such a dynamic man, and I believe that he speaks the truth. The wedding in the woods was charming, and the dog must have been a man...probably what a lot of the men would have liked to have done...LOL. :-) Thank you for sharing your weekend. I spent fives days in Dallas having fun with my grandsons and their parents. Cherry Kay

xinex said...

The dog lying there just made me laugh so hard, lol. What a beautiful and relaxed wedding! I like the logo, so creative of who made it up......Christine

Sue said...

What a privilege to have met such a distinguished man, as Colonel North! . And the wedding photos so adorable, I love outdoor weddings.
thanks for sharing Rose.
Enjoy your weekend.

Shelia said...

HI Ro! Oh, what an honor to meet Col. North! You seem to meet the most wonderful peeps and you have the snaps to prove it! ;)
Oh, the outdoors wedding looks so sweet! The dog in the tie and his nonchalantness is a hoot!
I've been so busy and have missed so much but had to scroll down and see your gorgeous family room all decked out for fall! It's beautiful! Your home is just like pages from a magazine!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love the pictures of the wedding! Especially the tie around the dog! How cute! What a honor to meet Oliver North!!! I never mentioned this on my blog but my hubby received the Bronze Star also while he was in Afghanistan last year, actually on Christmas Day.

Seems like you had an interesting week! Would have loved to attend something as you did!

Sweet Meanderings said...

What a gorgeous wedding! That would have been a great one to attend. Nice picture of you two with Col. North too!

Gail said...

That was a beautiful table setting and the food sounded yummy! That had to be a fun wedding to the dog!

Have a wonderful day,

Jennifer said...

You have such a fun social calendar - and fun places to go...neat people to meet!! I know I would have enjoyed hearing Col. North. GREAT pictures of you and your sweetie at the table...but my favorite picture is the wedding pup crashed out at the ceremony! Love that.

Have a great weekend, friend.

Nezzy said...

Ollie for real, you lucky thing you!!! I have to admit, I'm a fan and a tad jealous girl!

The weddin' looked beautifully unique. We went to a neighbors once that was a true hitchin'. The arbor was made of horseshoes. People came with their horses and trailers. First was the hitchin'...then a BBQ...then a ropin' contest. Heeehehe!

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

D said...

First of all, I love your header.
Very fun to read post. That table is really pretty....even the salads match. I can't believe you got to meet Oliver North. And the bride and wedding setting is beautiful.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I did see this post...sorry. Maybe I only saw your pictures. I can't remember....I told you my brain is going.....going...gone! My favorite is the dog...I think when I have my 40th anniversary party...which I so want to have, I will have Bentley all tuxed up!! Looks like a really unique wedding!

sharon said...

What a wonderful week you have had! I am sure the speech by Oliver North was so interesting and the decorations were beautiful!
I had to laugh at the dog in the weeding! Sounds like it was a great wedding!
It has been a busy weekend here with an anniversary party on Friday and family in from out of town today! Have a great Sunday!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

I love this post and the banquet looks like it was a wonderful evening. Great table display and it sounds like O.N's talk was great. I will have to share this with my hubby.
Love the wedding and the dog takes the cake. So wonderful.
Your weeks has been fun and interesting.
Have a great night.
XO Celestina Marie