Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

We love to watch the birds feeding at our bird feeder every morning while we eat our breakfast.
They can act so playful and territorial at times. We've had cardinals, blue birds, blue jays, doves and little chick-a-dees so far this year.

See the children's fort in the next yard. Notice it has red and blue water gun sticking out of it.......sometimes at a glance we think it's a blue jay or cardinal. lol (click to enlarge)

They come in rain, snow and cold weather.

I'm joining Susan @A Southern Daydreamer . Be sure to pop over and visit her blog and other posts for Outdoor Wednesday!
Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!


Sue said...

Hi Rose, what would we do without our birds, ours bring us so much joy and pleasure. And have all of the ones you named, dh is always asking me which one I think is the prettiest, but I just can never give him an answer. just like making me chose between the children. LOl
I was out today and heard so many in the woods, that I could not identify or see, but they were singing up a storm, I think they were telling me, that spring is just around the corner. lol. And I am going to hold them to it.
Enjoy your week.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I hope I get to see some when I am there. We don't get many of the colorful ones....

Marlis said...

This post makes me realize that I haven't seen our cardinals this year... oops. And the blue jays are missing in action too. I think I need to go out and check the back yard. I know we've chased off all the stray cats. Thanks for dropping in with your kind comments.

Jennifer said...

Cardinals are very special to me - for very heart-felt reasons:) Your pictures made my heart happy today!!

Tricia said...

I enjoyed your bird watching photos! The one in the snow is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my table this week. You'd asked about the napkin rings that hold flowers. They were a gift from my daughter -- she found them at Color at Home in Nashville. I haven't been yet, but the next time I'm in Nashville, I'm going!