Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Treasure Chest

My three year old grandson will celebrate his fourth birthday on the 3rd of July. His party is going to be a pirate's theme. He came over with part of his costume to show his Papa and me.
Papa told him to stand in front of our "treasure chest". lol
His costume and the Pawn Shop Show on cable TV inspired me to share my old travel trunk with you. It is in it's original state. I just couldn't bring myself to refurbish it. I thought it would lessen the value of it.

I got it at an estate sale years ago for $100. A friend later told me how to determine the date by looking on the hinges. Sure enough, there it was---Pat. March 1880. (enlarge pic to see better)

Hubby was watching the Pawn Shop show the other night and hurried to tell me that our trunk was even more valuable because it has the removable compartments still in tact.

This trunk has side handles and is on small wheels for transporting. They used these to travel overseas in the 1800's.
I wonder what journeys this trunk has been on. Maybe Europe--who knows!

It's a treasure to me. I don't even know if I could part with it but hubby says if the price was right he would. lol I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at it today.

I'm joining Cindy @ for Show & Tell. Please pay her a visit to see many other treasures.

Until next time--stay safe!


Shelia said...

Oh what a cutie of a grand you have! I'm sure he's going to love his birthday party with the pirate theme! :)
I love your olden trunk and how fortunate for you that it had all of it's insides!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

What a beautiful great treasure to have. Now that little pirate is the cutest thing I've seen. Have a great 4th.

Susan said...

OHG! I never knew the date of a trunk would be on the hinge. I'm going to go upstairs to my bedroom very soon and look at my old trunk. I'd flip if I saw a date. Thanks for the info. Loved your trunk, too. Susan

Kathy said...

It is a beautiful treasure...It is amazing how good its condition is. I am with you - too nice to part with.
Thanks for stopping by my peaches post - to tell you the truth, my neighbor believes the peaches from south carolina are better. He brought some over last year -- they were quite delicious. I have a lot of family in SC and go over as much as possible.
I truly appreciate you stopping by - hope you come over Tuesday, July 6 for the Victoria Blog Party!
God Bless,

Debbie~ said...

Your Grandson is adorable! Wow, your trunk is beautiful! I have an old steamer trunk, it stands up and has all the original wooden hangers and beautifully covered drawers on one side. I think they're such lovely treasures, if they could only tell their story! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Lora said...

How sweet! Your granson is a cutie:) I love your header photo, too, the bunting is great!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh what a little man he is in his costume. Cute!

Thank you very much for your kind compliments on my new haircut and weight loss. You really made my day Rose.

Happy 4th! ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...
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Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I don't even want to hear it!
You CANNOT get rid of it....tell Grandpa Pirate!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I just came by from Where Memories Are Made and so glad I did-I love what I'm seeing/reading.
Your grandson is adorable and the trunk is incredible. I'm going to be reading more and following you.
Have a wonderful 4th.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

He is too cute...Your header grabbed me it....HAPPY FOURTH! Celebrate America!

you might want to check out the giveaway at A Baby Changes Everything

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That trunk is great and your grandson is so cute. My trunk that is in my guest bedroom has the compartments inside, too. I am glad to know that makes it worth more. Mine was owned by a doctor.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a great find! Your grandson looks adorable! I hope his party was as fun as it sounds!

We had my husband's grandmother's trunk that she brought with her from Poland many years ago. Only it was ruined when our basement was flooded a few years ago. We had always had it at the foot of our bed but when we moved to our new house, it just didn't look right with our new bedroom furniture. It definitely was NOT as pretty as yours!

Happy@Home said...

Hope your little pirate had a fun birthday party. He is a cutie.
Your trunk is a real treasure :-).
I don't think I could part with it either, but nice to know that it has good value.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I thought you were gone and haven't even checked your blog! Looks like I'm behind, don't want to miss Jonas here! He is getting sooo big! Still a cutie! Caden will be 4 August 3rd.

Love the trunk! Good idea, Tom, to take the picture there! I can't find a date on mine, I'll look better later (with glasses or magnifying glass!)


LDH said...

What a wonderful trunk! It is a real treasure :) And your little pirate is most precious! So nice stopping by to visit with you!
Kindly, ldh