Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Few Changes

It's been a couple of weeks since I mentioned we were going to redo the front landscaping. It and a few other projects have gotten done -- just in the nick of time. The heat wave is upon us! It has been cooking down here in the deep south. Today feels like a 100! The actual temp. is a couple of degrees below that but after 95 who's counting. lol The humidity is almost as high!

Here's a couple of pics of the before landscaping. ( Well, maybe more than a couple. You may want to grab some ice tea. ) lol
It had become overgrown for the space.

We pulled out everything but my Japanese Tulip tree.

Here are the guys working at pulling and then transplanting some of the shrubs.

See this little tree? We had to be very careful with it. It was carrying precious cargo.

We couldn't believe all of these came from a tiny sparrow. Ouch! She was not a happy camper that we were moving her nest.

We kept them in tack and put this tree on the side on the property.

Here's the the Tulip tree with a fresh haircut and all new plants surrounding it.

We love the way it turned out.

We brought an old fountain from the backyard and hubby gave it a fresh coat of paint and luckily it still worked.

Some new petunias around the front tree.

I'm loving these Coreopsis. They come back every year. They are always blooming.

These are Callie deep Yellow.

I bought this tricycle at Home Goods.

These are Penstemon Red Riding Hoods.

An Astra African Daisy

Cryptomeria shrubs

Hubby worked so hard at planting, spraying and cleaning up the mess---all with a torn meniscus in his knee.
That's why I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. He finally had surgery on it and he has kept me hopping for the last couple of wks. lol
When people see him on his crutches, he tells them it's the result of too much housework!
Funny fellow--but there may be an element of truth there. lol
Since retiring he has kept very busy with many projects. The injury, however came from playing basketball.
He says he is retiring his number now. lol
Speak of the devil. Here he is with his pouchy lip. Poor thing! This too shall pass.

I'm hooking up to Outdoor Wednesday

Have a good week y'all! Try to stay cool!
Thanks for popping in!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh poor pouchy lip! It will get better eventually. Maybe he should make it last as long as he can...there will always be another project!!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Girlfriend,
My goodness your front yard is gorgeous. I love all the new plantings and design of everything. Your flowers are lovely and doing so good in this heat. We have it here too and I tell ya, the water bill is rising as I type. LOL!! What can we do? Nothing.
Oh your poor hubby. He worked so hard with your project. Now he has to recoup from his basketball injury and surgery. Well, in time he will heal and be on to the next project. Always something when you have a home to maintain.

Great pics of the whole process. Your home looks lovely with the buntings hung for the 4th. It will be here soon.

Enjoy and well wishes for your hubby.

Stay cool.
Texas Hugs, Celestina Marie

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Rose, I knew you had to be either traveling or working on a project,and now I know. lol
First I am so sorry for your dh knee problems, but he seems like my dh both are troopers, I pray that he will continue to mend well.
Your front yard really looks super great, a lot of hard work certainly paid off. It is cooking here too,, we are undergoing a major work on our porch and my veggies are coming off too. And this heat with the humidity is kicking us too.
Enjoy your week try and stay cool.

Shelia said...

Morning Rose! Oh, your poor hubby - he's pouting! Poor thing! Hope he gets better soon.
Now your landscaping looks so gorgeous as well as your beautiful home! That looks like a lot of work but it paid off.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

Wow, that's a lot of work in the heat! I could not do it. So far we've only had about 2 hot days, but I know they're coming - not as hot as yours, though!

The yard looks wonderful - amazing that you were able to move that tree and keep the nest intact - is the mama bird okay with that??

DC has been working hard on our new patio plantings - I will update on that as they fill in.

Retirement is not for the faint of heart!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I thought your yard looked perfect before but after seeing what you did to it, it looks even better now-so beautiful!!!
Love the entire look of your home-wish we could share some of the heat though(I'm tired of all the unusual rain).
Have a wonderful week.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Very pretty front yard! That looks like it was a lot of work. Poor hubby. Hope he feels better!

Linda C said...

Your landscaping project looks great! That is one big job. I am impressed that your dh functioned with such an injury. Hope he sees big improvements each day!

Thanks for coming by my place for a visit!:)
Happy Monday!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a man! All that work and with his knee surgery as well! Love the way the new gardens look. You can see the front porch and your pretty rockers now! Looks pretty. I'm hoping next spring that hubby can do exactly what you did! We have quite a few overgrown bushes in our front yard that really need to be moved!

Enjoy the heat! It's been hot up here as well, but not as bad as yours. In the high 80's and I really do not enjoy heat like that. But that's why we call this time of year summer!

Jennifer said...

Poochy lip - too funny! The front beds look fantastic..what a great job. It really does open everything up and I love the fountain..just the right added touch.

I also love your pleated fan flags out front. I have been looking everywhere for some of those - I have found them on-line but have not had much luck in stores. Did you buy yours in a store? I would love to have some before the big holiday:)

Hope Hubbie is feeling 100 percent soon - love all your photos!

Happy@Home said...

Your new landscaping looks fabulous! I'm amazed that you accomplished such a big undertaking in this heat. Sorry to hear about hubby's surgery. Is there a chance that now he can just sit and enjoy the pretty new front yard or is he the type that always needs to be busy? Either way, I hope his recovery is smooth.

Barbara said...

This looks just beautiful! I hope your hubby recovers soon.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Your yard looks wonderful! It is amazing that you were able to move the tree and keep the nest intact. Did the mama get too upset or did she go back to the nest? Love your patriotic background and the pleated fan flags on your home.

Miss Janice said...

Good heavens, your yard looks great! Your home is beautiful on the inside and out! We need to get to work in our's a mess!