Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last day in AZ

Hi Guys,

We've been super busy with landscaping redos, so I thought I would post some more about our AZ trip. Ceekay and her hubby found out about a new restaurant near them and we decided to try it. I can't even describe how great the food was.

A french gentlemen and another man from Germany, I believe, are responsible for the amazing food we had.

Here is the sign out front. It's near Phoenix if you're in that area. They fondued our entree at our table. The beef is hanging on a metal cylinder with little spikes protruding from it to hold the meat. There is a seasoned rice cooking underneath the meat.

He "torched" it several times and we watched it cook. Kinda of exciting, huh?

I'm backing as far away as I can. You know how flammable hair spray is!! lol

Carolyn's hubby is across from me while our spouses are snapping pictures.

Hereeeeees Ceekay! Enjoying every bite!

The plate in front of her has different flavored sauces to dip the meat in. They were all very tasty.

We couldn't stop talking about the entire experience of the wonderful food.

When Ceekay saw the waitress with this in her hands she said, "Oh Come to Mama!"

All good things must come to an end!

It was a great visit with her and her sweet hubby!

Our daughter and granddaughters drove from CA to see their Aunt Ceekay and take us back to her house.

Someone left the keys in the van and locked it??? Here we are waiting for the tow truck to get the keys out so we could be on our way.

This is Ceekay's beautiful house. She made our stay sooooo special!

Thanks Ceekay!!

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