Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome! Come on in! It's cold out there. I decided it was too cold to put away snow -related things. How about you? I left snowmen and their families out.
I put just a few around the house in different spots. Here's some on the mantle. I painted this snowman head many years ago. He could use a little freshening up-like all of us as we age. lol

These items are on the kitchen counters.

The grand kids love the snowman on the side of the fridg.

A little pillow to soften the chair in the living room.

Here's the big guy in the bunch. He's really a gourd but don't tell him. He thinks he's a snowman.

Although it's still cool here-it's warming up a little everyday.
Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers. We have a friend that is a Music Pastor that is there on a mission trip and he has not been accounted for as yet.
We are praying it is because of lack of communication.
Thanks for your visit and prayers.
We are off to the Red Cross. Their needs are so great right now.
Just received an update:
Dr.Frank Garlock and Sarah Bennett are on the Red Cross survivor list. Thanks for your prayers


ceekay said...

All your snowmen are soooo pretty Ro...what is the skate on the front door???

Jennifer said...

Will be praying for your friend - and that you will have some news soon...the unknown waiting is so tough. Yes, the needs are so many.

On a lighter note, your snowmen just make me smile...especially that gourd! And I love your front door - I really could use something special for my front door.

Keep warm -

Happy@Home said...

Your snowmen all look great. They are such happy looking little guys that it would be a shame to put them away.
I hope your friend in Haiti will soon be heard from. I will keep the situation in my prayers. It is so sad to see what is happening there.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Good Morning Rose, I am so glad you are feeling better, I so enjoyed your snowmen, beautiful! We too are in much prayer for Haiti. Thank the Lord for the good report.

i read your last post and enjoyed your Christmas pictures so much..
Blessings, Sue

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Love your snowmen!

I'm so thankful your friends survived the earthquake!


Stephens said...

I love the picture of Dad at the top of your blog. :-)

Melissa Miller said...

Everything looks so pretty and ready for winter at your gorgeous home. Cheerful too!

Thank you for your kind words on my new healthy life! They meant the world to me.

Blessings, ~Melissa ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Rose! Oh, I'm so glad you've gotten good news about your friends in Haiti! What a tragic thing to have happened.
All these folks are in our prayers.

Love your cute snowmen and I think my favorite is the gourd pretending to be a snowman.

Don't tell your hubby, but when I first clicked on your blog and saw your header - I thought Bill Clinton was visiting you! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen said...

Hi Rose. No, haven't felt any this week. I heard about the one yesterday out in the INland Empire. But we sure felt the big 5.9 that hit Baja California on 12-31. We were standing outside of our motorhome down in Glamis (CA, AZ and Mexico border) and it hit. I've never been outside during one. It felt like I was standing in the middle of a trampoline. When they hit, you don't know where the epicenter is - so you automatically get on the phone and call family. I called my son in Mission Viejo, about 150 miles NW of where we were and asked if he felt it? "No Mom, felt what?" "A big earthquake!" "Nope, haven't felt anything . . . . WHOAAAA!" and then it rolled through where he was. It was so WEIRD! But at least then I know it started south of us and moved north so there was probably no problems anywhere. it was barely even mentioned on the news.
You are going to see CeeKay? awwwww - give her a big hug from me! I just love her.
I would love to have snow - but it looks like we are going to get caselots of rain. We'll see . . .
Have a great day!
Karen (LOL your word verification is "ratedr" :)

Things That Inspire said...

I was so happy to read your comment on my blog today - getting a comment from a new (to me) blogger is a treat.

I drove by a home today that was still decked out for the holidays (and I mean decked out - TONS of decorations). Not snow themed - Christmas themed! But, I thought, it has been so cold outside since Christmas - and now that the weather is a bit warmer, it is rainy.

The reminder about the Red Cross is so important. I gave to CARE for the Haitian relief fund; our church also had a special collection for Haiti relief. My children all brought their wallets and counted out (to them) months worth of allowance for the collection. To me - that is like getting an 'A' on my mom report card!