Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smoked Pork

We bought some Boston Butt Roasts to smoke for Barbecue. We knew a lot of company was coming to town and it would be easy dinners.

Our friends took the third one. It was at their house that they smoked for 7 hours in their smoker. Don't they look yummy!

We put them in foil for another 2 hours.

We did this on the day I had my decorating class so hubby could go over their in the evening and pull pork while I taught the class.

It is quite a job to pull all that pork but hubby found time to have a little fun.

Standing or sitting it takes a couple of hours.

The end result is so worth it. The taste is wonderful! Into the freezer it went and will be easy to warm with our choice of barbecue sauce. We like Sweet Baby Ray.

Life is busy here with the company. I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit you lately. I will try to stop by soon. I'll have lots to share after my company is gone.

What's happening in your neck of woods? Love to hear from you!


Shelia said...

Oh, what a dear hubby to do all that work on the pork. It looks delicious. I've never done this before!
I would so love to sit in on one of your decorating classes. I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posting! Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Heather said...

wow, that looks amazing! we too love the sweet baby ray's sauce. cute pic of your hubby clowning around :)

Mrs. G said...

Yum that looks delicious and your hubby is quite the cutie too. Gotta love a man that will take the time to pull the pork.
Happy TT.

ceekay said...

Yum...looks so good. Enjoy all your wonderful meals with family.

Debbie said...

Mmm...I can just smell that cooking. It's great that your husband will do that for you. Enjoy all that company.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow! What a guy to do all that work. But I'm sure he enjoys the end result as much as your company!! Things have been interesting here. Phil is leaving in 5 weeks for Afghanistan, not sure if you knew. He'll be gone for about a year. I know you'll be praying!!!

How did your decorating class go?? I would love to attend one!!! Your house is beautiful.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Rose, that barbecue Pork looks so delicious.
ENjoy you company!!

Shannon said...

Oh wow!! That looks delicious!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That Tom is a keeper!! That pork looks so yummy! I've never cooked that before or used the Baby Ray sauce.

Enjoy your company!


kanishk said...

wow, that looks amazing! we too love the sweet baby ray's sauce. cute pic of your hubby clowning around
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Joy said...

Wow both of those posts made me very hungry.

Happy@Home said...

That's a great idea when you are expecting lots of company. It did look good in your fridge, but I must admit I had my eye on the Vernor's. Boy I miss that Michigan specialty :)