Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missing My Girls

This is our oldest daughter and grand daughters. They live out in CA not too far from the fires that are burning. Our son-in-law is a pastor and they are planting a church there. They have lived there a year. That's hard to believe in it self. Time flies!
I am missing them so much right now, I just had to post some of their pictures.
The air quality is one of the worst in the nation where they live, without fires but it is at the worst right now.
Emma, the oldest has been plagued with Asthma the last 2 1/2 weeks. Three doctor visits, a trip to the ER for a breathing treatment and today they diagnosed her with pneumonia. She's one sick little puppy. Here she is at a summer camp in June. In the wild, wild west. She had a blast and got to ride a horse.
Here's Andrea with Olivia.

They were on a field trip and got their faces painted last year.

We all went to Disney Land together last year.

Sweet Miss O lost her front teeth this year.

I miss you girls! Emma feel better real soon, ok?
Thanks for letting me share them with you today.


Heather said...

aww what sweet girls you have there! love their pictures. i home Emma can start to heal quickly. sending prayers her way :)

Dawn said...

Poor little Emma. It must be just wretched out there right now. We're actually having unusual sunrises and sunsets because of the fires in California - here in Colorado.

I love it that two of my 4 grandgirls have these same two names.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Such a sweet post. I pray Emma recovers quickly. I have thought your daughter looks like Tom, but she looks so much like you in that picture with Olivia.

I'm missing our grands too. I hate living so far from them :-(


ceekay said...

Before you know it, you will get to be with them again! Hope Emma does well and gets rid of that stuff!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

They are so adorable!! I really hope your one granddaughter feels better soon! My uncle lives out near the fires and he said it's almost as if you're in a room where someone is smoking all the time. How sad. I hope it clears up soon! Enjoy your weekend

Nancy said...

Oh Rose, they are adorable! I will be praying for Emma!!! Those fires are just awful and I could not imagine living so close to them...I'll keep the whole family in my prayers! Nancy

Stephens said...

Thanks, Mom! We love and miss you too. The girls and I just read your post and looked at the pics. We can't wait to see you this fall!

Melissa Miller said...

Thaey are all soooo precious! :)

Celestina Marie said...

Oh Rose, I so hope the little one is better soon. Your girls are all gorgeous and your daughter looks just like you. What a beautiful family. I know you must miss them, but close in heart I am sure.

Have a nice week.
Blessings and prayers for Emma,
Celestina Marie

Happy@Home said...

Very sweet pictures of your pretty daughter & granddaughters. I am sure it is hard to be so far away from them. I will remember little Emma in my prayers and hope she is all better very soon.