Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grandchildren-What a Gift

Sunday was grandparents day. Hubby, and I didn't even realize it until we received a phone call Sun. afternoon and then got an E-card from Hallmark with a Gift Wish attached. That is why I'm posting about my sweet granddaughters today.

Our daughter and family recently moved to CA for her husband to be a church planting pastor. They have had their children in a Christian school in the past but in CA the tuition is unbelievably high. In lieu of that they decided to home school, at least for the first year. Andrea has her education degree, which of course is very helpful. She never thought she would be teaching her own girls but this is what the Lord has for them now.

She has set up a spare bedroom in their home for their school room. They have two regular school desks, computer, map and activity table, to name a few things.

Here is our 8 yr. old granddaughter Emma. She is in 3rd grade this year. Here is Olivia at her desk. She is K-5 this year.
Andrea has tried to make the room look as much like a school room as she could. They have only been in CA about 6 wks. and had so much to do since they arrived. I think she has a done a great job so far and we are proud of the job she is doing with the girls.
Another angle of the room.
Things she will use for both the girls and some just for Olivia.

The girls were so excited to have Mom for their teacher. Let's hope it stays that way. (smile)
We get to see all of this in person in less than a month . We should arrive back in time for the new baby to arrive here at home. Busy, busy times but memory making times!
Hope you're having a good week thus far.


Darlene said...

They are so cute....I can only imagine the price that a Christian school would be in Calif. We lived in Calif. for about 6 years while my hubby was in the military and knew we wouldn't stay because the price of everything.

It is perfect that your daughter has her education degree....she will be the best teacher for that situation. Their school room looks great.

The Barkers said...

Glad we could spend Grandparents day with you Sunday! I didn't even realize it was a "special" day either! :-)

Secondhandrose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with the new school year to your granddaughters.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

How sweet to get such a nice surprise from you grand-daughters. They are just darling. Their classroom is wonderful!! I bet you can't wait to see it in person. Have a great day!!
Hugs, Terrie

Dawn said...

Do I have your e-mail address? I had to go private, and would love to add you to my list of visitors. I may have it already, because sometimes blog names and real names get confusing. I'm at dawn.carlson@colostate.edu.

Miss Sandy said...

Your little scholars are adorable! I wish your daughter much success in her home school! I am a former home school mom and I really miss it! I, like her, never ever imagined I would find myself teaching in this capacity. We decided to do it year by year as the Lord lead and ended up going all the way through high school!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great schoolroom.